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Yesterday I got to the hospital around 5 I think. When I arrived Mom was having an Echo-cardiogram and various other tests. Liz, Bob, and Nelson were all sitting there talking. Actually I think Bob was letting them do all the talking. We all had to wear gowns. Mom had been gone a long while I guess Bob had been there an hour already. He seemed very uncooperative about giving views on what the next step is for Mom. We helped Mom get back into bed and found out she does have a couple of infections. She seems more lucid but just tired. She didn’t want us to turn people away from visiting. Yet that morning she was telling me she couldn’t handle more. That was confusing.

She reminded us where to look for her check book and to see what was paid as far as bills but I tried to look at one check book and it was so confusing. I need to ask her or at least bring it to her to show her. Liz offered to help but I told her I could do it. I feel that I am definitely missing something.

I left the hous…

Saturday July 30, 2011

Morning everyone!I am at work right now working on the postage tallies.Been here a while.I have already seen Mom and will again before going home.
I got up around quarter of 7 and showered and dressed and stopped by the Dolans and chatted with them.Congratulations to Shea who got her license this week.J
The Drive in was okay except for a few who thought going 40 miles on the highway was a good thing to do.I had to park in the garage today.I even had to go around getting in via Frontage road which I thought was a hassle.
It was nearly 9 when I saw Mom.She was just getting washed up or at least about to.She wasn’t really feeling great and she was grateful for the shawl.It was very cold there.We talked about things at home.She wants me to check to see if the UI bill was paid.I told her we got something in the mail and will be taken care of.She is so not up to having any more visitors and this is what Jim was concerned about and Liz was as well.When Liz called I told her Mom didn’t want anym…
I had heard from Liz shortly before coming home. She wanted me to know that Mom had been moved to a private room and may have an infection. Everything was moved with her. She was given two floral arrangements from two committees she is on. She had another MRI. It also looks like the blockage is now moving in a good direction.

When I called a short time ago Liz told me she was exhausted. Liz was really anxious people would start to leave. Apparently Mom had a lot of visitors. Liz was telling me who was there. Now I understand people want to be there but if you see a family member giving you a fucking sign to LEAVE don’t you think it would be nice if you did? Liz wants me to bring Mom that shawl that Liz gave a couple of Christmases ago.

I came home by 5. I was finishing up the mail from today. I still have the lobby mail and the return mail to do and that will be done tomorrow. We will be doing scanning even though we are officially caught up. There was some concern that many Medicar…

Update on Mom

Well it has been a few days since I wrote again.I have either been too tired or too busy to write.This might be short so I apologize.
Mom is still in the hospital and will be for another week at least.The prognosis is this:What we thought was non-aggressive cancer is now just pre-cancerous cysts.They will not do any surgery for the foreseeable future.She has had a blocked bowel and has been getting enemas unfortunately they are not working.So they will be stopping those.They started getting her to walk in the last few days.She has had a shower at least once (thanks to Liz).They did take her off the O2 and IV through nose.They are concerned that there is an embolism forming in her chest and will be keeping an eye on that.
She has had many visitors through the time and it pleased her immensely.Most of the time the Rivera clan came to visit but so has Bob a few times and Diane and Chris.Many from various boards as well.Jim should be next week sometime.
While Liz is looking after her care I …

Yesterday Turned Crazy

I went to see Mom around noon.She seemed fine and somewhat alert and visiting with Rich Smith.I wasn’t with her long at least I didn’t think so but we talked about different things and she was asking me if certain things were done like thanking Pam.We talked bout the situation and then contacting Barry K about the book Ella. .I tried to explain to her that the email I read he was CCing Mom on about and that he did get the book.Mom thought I was going to post something to Facebook for BK.I told her I didn’t say that.I was getting so frustrated with her because almost everything she and I were talking about was being challenged by either of us. . It just about that time when I discovered that the roommate had told me that Mom had a rough night (not given meds when she wanted them) so as I was leaving I called Liz.Well just about a half an hour after that Mom was calling Liz upset accusing her of abusing and arguing with me about a dress and posting something on Facebook.
When Liz got ther…

The Memorial Service

The Memorial Service for Aunt Rita is this afternoon at St Mary’s Church. I know those of the cousins who still live in Connecticut will attend. If I am right it will basically just be a regular mass and during the service it will be mentioned that this Mass will be said for Rita N.

This Morning I need to do Bingo, see Mom and then probably do some work around here. The mound of laundry is staring at me from the middle of my bedroom. I haven’t vacuumed since Wednesday and even that was cursory.

The weather is sunny w/some clouds. Its about 83 right now. Hopefully it won’t get any higher (I can’t believe is already 83!) today. Hmmm it says we may get some T-storms. That would be nice. If only it won’t make it more humid. I guess we will just have to see.

I am going to get dressed. I want to get there fairly early. I don’t know if I should call Mom now and tell her I am on my way or not. I don’t want to wake her and I don’t want her to feel I am ignoring her right now. I am hoping to …

Much Better today

The temperature was much better than the recorded 101 degrees from yesterday. It is currently 90 degrees. It was 75 at 9 am when I saw Mom this morning at the hospital. I have all the fans going to make it a little more bearable again.

I left after 8 am this morning for work. I had stopped at Kim’s house to tell her the news. Something she already knew. Apparently she did come over to look for the number. She got the info from Donny. I apologized profusely and she understood. I hope. So that makes four of the neighbors I told. I will eventually tell Chris 1 and Chris 2.

I got to Mom sometime before 9. She was surprised that I was not at work yet. I explained I would be going soon. I can choose my time. Something I have said to multiple times in the past. Her room is very nice she is on one side and her roommate was on the other. We talked for a short time. She wasn’t really feeling well yet and still not eating. We talked about neighbors knowing and the emails she received. I told her…


Hello My Friends. I know I have been MIA for the last few days and I hope I haven’t worried any of you. I am okay just going through a lot right now. If you recall I may have mentioned Mom having a procedure this week and spending what is turning out to be a few days in the hospital.

Well that exploratory surgery was a success and as suspected we found out she does have a Non-aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately she is in a great deal of pain (from the procedure) and not once but twice the nursing staff has not provided with her the appropriate pain medicine when she needed it. This I find to be outrageous and thankfully have been dealt with. I am ashamed and angry to be affiliated with said hospital. The Docs are recommending surgery. At the same time we don’t have to make decisions right now. For now she is trying to get through the pain of the pancreatitis. She hasn’t been eating because of said pain and if she doesn’t she will not be able to come home tomorrow.

My s…

Just Knew

I just knew it was going to be a long day.I woke up around 3 and didn’t get back to sleep for awhile.When I did the alarm went off.I stayed in bed until 6 and then started getting ready and I was out the door by 7.Mom was just getting up and luckily I had ironed my clothes.It’s a big deal.
I started crying two hours before the funeral after discussing what we are doing for Terri this week.Mom planned on attending after her genetic counselor appointment.
The morning actually flew by very quckly.I had lunch from Paula’s and the mail volume seemed rather light for the Monday.I started getting punchy just about then too.As some of you may have heard a calf from a farm in Orange ran away from its home and had been spotted in Milford.I told people it was “on the lamb”.J Apparently that was the title of the article too. J
I had a moment to call Liz and she told me this Thursday Chris would be singing at a hotel in Stratford (Lordship).Unfortunately I couldn’t make it because of the 4th District…

Another Busy Weekend

I was so busy and tired by the time I got home that I was unable to write anything. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t online at all but I just didn’t have time to write.

Yesterday I got up in time to get to the office by quarter of seven. Even though I wanted to be there by 6 I am not disappointed. I stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast first and then got to the office. I got the mail done within an hour and half after I got there. Then I started scanning. Eventually some of the guys came in to scan. Lavon also came in to scan as well. I think I got a lot done.

After work I did some errands and then headed home. I was tired by then. Mom was out shopping and Mr. C was working on the roof on the garage. I just relaxed and got online for a bit. Mom came home around 4.

Mom was heading to church. She was disappointed I hadn’t gotten my hair cut. I just didn’t have time (at least I felt), I will try and get it done sometime this week.

The lawn was getting groomed just about then too. I did …

Hectic Friday again

I got up at a fairly decent hour.I started getting ready for work around 6:30.It felt a little weird not having to rush around for the bus.I managed to get online for a bit and visit some forums. I left the house before 7:30.Mom was just getting up while I was getting ready.
Mom passed along news that my little god-son Wyatt (Lilly’s adopted grandfather/uncle/brother/father) had to be put to sleep yesterday.He was 17 years old.It was a cutie pie in his way.Lilly will be alone but not for long.I hear Pam has already been making calls to get another one.
Work has been hectic.Gayle and I made up flyers for the collection for Terri.I passed them around by 10 and have collected more donations.The mail slicer has been repaired and now I am finishing up the lockbox.I let Gayle know that I would finish the mail on Saturday before doing the scanning.
Okay need to get going will let you know how things went with Doctors.

Full Moon

I swear there is definitely a full moon out. I have seen it twice. This morning I passed out the flyer that Gayle made last night as an FYI about Terry’s husband. Well some jack-hole noticed some spelling errors and criticized it. They suggested that who ever wrote it up should use spell check. Said Jack-hole was on the elevator with me a while later and asked me who wrote up the flyer and I looked at her and simply said yes Sharon I heard you the first time. She then asked if I wrote it up and I looked at her and said no. Who the fuck cares? I told a few people and all agreed it doesn’t matter. One shared a story on how “Jack-hole wrote notes in to various accounts she was working on and they were very poor in spelling. When I heard that I laughed so hard.

The little girl (she is probably 18) that I have taken a dislike to came to work in really short shorts. Gayle noticed it too. She ended up changing later on she was in a dress when last saw her. Now that I think about it I didn’t…

RIP Richard J

Tonight I learned that a dear friend and former co-worker went home to God. I first met Richard 21 years ago when I started at YMG months after I graduated from College. His Sister Gerraine was the Manger and their sister Fran who became my friend for several years. Rich was always playful and teaser and always watched out for me. Shortly after his wife Terri ended her marriage to a previous husband they began a relationship and a couple of years later got married. Their relationship met with mixed reactions from everyone. They have been married ever since. Rich was a great co-worker and a strong union member. Unfortunately when he came across some inappropriate billing and brought it to the attention of his superiors they thanked him by asking him to resign. The result of that entire incident caused Yale School of Medicine and OPS to be investigated and fined.

A few years after that Richard’s Health began to decline. He developed Emphysema. While Terri Continued to work Rich would w…


Well my Wednesday commute hit a little snag.The bus I usually get was late.When I watched two buses drive by heading for Milford I knew there was a problem.Happily CC and her hubby drove by and offered me a ride.I would be totally stupid for not taking it.Rob was making jokes left and right.Some of them were not so funny.We got to work on time and I picked up my breakfast I ordered.
I received emails this morning from Phil that he wanted me to forward and I discovered the attachments had viruses.I sent the emails out but I checked and the viruses were there.I emailed both of the men and told them.I told Mom before I left (yes I woke her up).I hope they got the emails.I am waiting on either of them to respond or for the others to respond.
The young temps we have working for us were waiting on things to do---Well most of them were.One has an attitude that I just don’t like and I don’t know if I did anything or said anything to but this chick will not see the upside of adulthood.Of course …


Yesterday/this morning I wrote but have not posted yet some concerns I had about Jim and Jamie in the same room.I am in no way implying that anything is wrong or being done inappropriately.I know parents and kids shared beds over the years.It’s just that I am afraid someone else will say something and push Jim to make mistakes.I realize Mom may be right but I also it is a slight fear of mine.I could be looking for trouble when there is not any.
It is already hot and in the mid to High 80’s and it is only quarter of nine.I guess the thunderstorm that was predicted for today is not going to happen after all.At least the will be a small shower.Either way I am not going outside until its time for me to leave for the day.That’s going to be after 4.
Work is busy.When I came in I picked up the reports from ITS and then started working on the authorizations.Around 9 Gayle came in and then I started on the mail.I think it will get done by 10:30.We finally have a lot of help.We are 23 days behind…

Jim and Jamie's Visit

Mom called me late yesterday after to let me know that Jim and Jamie would be arriving for their overnight visit some time today. That translated to “when you come home tonight make sure the spare room and your room are picked up”. We talked about the menu for last night’s and tonight’s dinner. Last night was chicken sandwiches and tonight’s is going to be hamburgers and macaroni and cheese.

During last night’s dinner we discussed sleeping arrangements. Mom offered to sleep on the couch but Jim refused and said he wanted to have Jamie sleep in the same room. For one reason he really missed Jamie while he was away at camp. That’s all good but I expressed an opinion Mom isn’t overly thrilled with. It’s getting to be a time where Jim can’t be in the same bed with him. I am still trying to convince mom of my opinion and she says we can’t live you life on what others think or say. Oh Really? If some one considers what they “might be doing” unacceptable it could cause Jim some real problems…

Feeling Emotional.

It is after 9 in the morning and it’s humid.A beautiful humid day at that I was sweating even before leaving the house. It is suppose to be very different tomorrow and then back to the heat and humidity the rest of the week.I was checking the weather page and there are whole bunch of alerts posted.There were fog alerts, humidity alerts that I could see.
I was really struggling to stay awake this morning while getting ready.I had to search through the clothes which are strong indicators that I need to do laundry again tonight.
Work is fine.JN came back from her week long vacation.From what she said it wasn’t completely restful.Her SIL is not well and so they spent a lot of time in the hospital with her.I told her about the fight between Cami and Lucinda.
As expected there were a few more temporaries helping today.I am not sure if I will have a place to scan tonight or not.As of right now a couple of them are doing other things.
At one point I was going to snap at LG.Every time I spoke abou…

What a beautiful Summer Day

It was a beautiful Sunday. I have been up since 7:30. I had some weird dreams that included being on a trip some where and I didn’t recognize it. I also saw a co-worker I hadn’t seen in a while and she seemed upset. I don’t know where we were because the office wasn’t familiar to me.

Bingo went well. I didn’t expect to have any help today as the girls went to PA for vacation. Ryan was there. It was great. We didn’t have a huge crowd and that was okay by me. I did notice the slight headache I was getting and decided it was because of the perfume. The headache didn’t last long.

After bingo I went to church. I saw Nelson in the pew and sat with him. Liz was a weekend retreat in Hartford. We chatted about family. After mass he had a meeting with the priest and I headed home.

As I was driving up to the house I noticed Mom was walking into the house. I am not sure where she was but neither did I ask. I had seen the girls and wanted to say hi to them. Unfortunately Shea and Shannon each had …

Plans of Mice and Men

So many things I had planned didn’t go exactly as planned. As you know I had two parties and work to go to. I wanted to be out by 5:30 at least to be at work by 6. That wasn’t so bad. The only thing is I had to borrow Mom’s car to do it. My car battery was dead. Apparently four days ago left the headlights on. That was the last time I was in the car. Mom offered to take me to work I declined with the promise that I would bring the car back by 12.

I managed to get to work by 6:01 and parked along side of the building. I got to the office and got started on the scanning. As the morning passed I started making phone calls to the garage down the street. We made arrangements for them to come get the car and get it started. They kept the car for me while I worked and did my stuff.

I also called and emailed Roberta to let her know I would need a ride to the Honor Court ceremony. We agreed to meet at my house by 12:30. They didn’t get to the house until 12:45 pm I love my friends but really.…

Family Update

Hey everyone I hope you are having a great Sunday. It’s been very beautiful around this last week. I wonder how long it will last.

Well as I predicted last month this month has been incredibly busy in all aspects. So much so I haven’t sat down long enough to update you all until now.

Work is going very well. I have been putting in a lot of OT of late. We did exceptionally well in our AR for the FY and for the month. We celebrated with a pizza party last week. The retirement party was a huge success. I was able to meet up with many former co-workers. On a sad note we learned that a dear friend and former coworker passed away last week. He was a great guy and we will miss immensely.

The Woman’s Club and Girls Club is preparing for the “Celebrity Scoop” fundraiser I mentioned last month. That’s next Saturday. We have a few more activities coming up as well. They include an engagement party for our president’s son who is getting married next August in Hawaii. Last week I attended an Eagl…

Early Night

I am afraid this will be a short one as I am really exhausted and I have to be up early tomorrow for work and the two parties I was invited to. I had a very busy day and managed to get a lot done. Two of the scanners (LG & CD) got into an argument and finally had it out in Gayle’s Office today. CD explained to me that LG was talking to Jordon (our casual/temp help) and keeping him from working. I talked with Gayle about it and about the incident I witnessed yesterday. She understood where I was going with that but again Gayle and CD both made an excellent point. WE are very much behind in the scanning and we have a (new) deadline to be 48 hours current. We were supposed to be 48 hours current this past week and it just didn’t happen. People are getting frustrated and annoyed considering that they need EOB’s to submit to the insurance companies so that we can be paid (well you know what I mean).

Today was the final day of the WW 13 week session. WE had an open house to get more me…

I just Realized Something

I just realized as I was riding on the bus that two months from yesterday I will be on my vacation to Niagara Falls Canada. I have still so much to do. I was talking to Mom about it yesterday and today (she didn’t care that it is two months away). We talked about wardrobe. I told her I would like some sweaters some nice looking sweatshirts. She did suggest that I not take my three white blouses as they are hard to iron. I have a feeling that at some point we will be going shopping for clothes for the trip.

The rest of the afternoon and OT went well until about the time I needed to get ready to leave. The batch I was working on was out of order in the line up and as I tried to scan it the papers jammed and got out of order. I wanted to leave by quarter of 6 but left a little earlier. On the way to the bus stop about three buses I could have gotten on drove by. I was actually too far away but had a moment of panic when I saw them. I did get my bus that I have been getting all week.


Attitudes and tones

I have been at work for nearly an hour and half.Many more of my team mates have returned from the extended holiday weekend.A few of them had one of those catty moments. CA noticed that LG was standing around talking with another co-worker.She made a comment and LG snapped back.Where I sit I can see all those and watch it.It all happened by the copier which is also near my office.This could be a problem because I notice every thing.
I was talking to Kent in Credit Balance and I told him about the incident that had occurred and a little later about how important tone is to communication.I told him sitting where I am can be very dangerous because of listening into conversations that happen outside my door.
Kent wanted to know how Lilly was doing and I shared with him the incident from the beginning of the week. How close to home it hit for me.
Mom and I were at the dinner table last night and one of the discussions we had was about Ted V’s Eagle Scout ceremony.I wanted to let her know I pl…

Pretty Pleased with Myself

Well I have been home just under three hours. It might have been a little longer had I missed my bus. Happily the driver waited for me (at least I think she did) until I got to the stop. I was half way down the block as I realized it was there. I have to say I am feeling pretty good at the decision to cancel my parking spot in the garage. I have probably done more walking then I have in weeks. My knees are feeling it too. There was some slight discomfort at walking at one point during the day. I took some Aleve and it seemed alright afterwards. I am going to take the plaquenil shortly.

Every so often my hands will feel as though it is being pulled from inside the hand. They got a little stiff too. I think it may have happened 2 times today and maybe once or twice over the last week or so. Mom told me why that happens but I am going to have to ask her again. It has happened over the years and I normally don’t get that concerned unless it interferes with things.

I was also pleased that…

Mid Week Reflection

Well it’s Wednesday already. I can’t believe it is the middle of the week. There is two days left until the weekend again and it will be busy for me. I will explain more about that in a moment.

Monday was a fairly quiet holiday for Mom and me. The big parties were on Sunday and unfortunately had to miss them because of a migraine. I spent most of the day doing laundry and tossing some old papers out. I was emptying some drawers to look better and such. Still have a ways to go.

Tuesday was first day back to work and I became a bus commuter again after we got word last week that our parking fees were going up in the city garages. Tuesday was a day I got drawn into what could have been a bad situation with Neighbors but you can read about here. Short version it resolved itself on our end. I am not looking forward to seeing it played out with the other neighbor.

I will be doing OT all week and for the morning on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon I will be attending my friend Ted’s Eagle Sco…

Being Drawn In

A few days ago I told you how Sylvia was talking to me about how distressed Finian was about being alone? Well guess who got drawn into what could have been a bad situation? I was leaving for the bus this morning and found Ms Dumbass taking pictures of Finian in the screened in window. She was getting me agitated and at one point suggesting we call the cops. I had gone to ask Mom what to do and she suggested I call Kim’s parents. We tried but they are not listed. Later on in the day Mom talked with Sean and the way it was left it made it sound like I was causing trouble (Thanks Mom). She went back and explained better. Tonight Sean came over and thanked me for looking out for Finian. I told him I understand what he was going through. Memories of what was going on with Alex and me were fresh. I offered to walk and help out if needed. As he was trying to get things in order for the girls return on Thursday. He asked me if Sylvia was behind the calling and I didn’t answer right away but …

Happy Birthday America

Good Afternoon everyone! It almost three and while most if not all of you are probably out cooking on the grill or watching some sports team on TV Mom and I have been going through old papers and getting rid of stuff. I managed to get some laundry done and have just about one more load and then not sure what I am doing. I might take a nap.

My headache may have started to come back again and I have no idea why. I took the ibuprofen and water and have had just a couple of bowls of cereal for the day. I did take some ginger ale bright and early this morning.

I ended up taking a break and watched the Royal Pains Marathon on USA. I really like that show (not as much as NCIS or Mark Harmon) but it is enjoyable. It is amazing what writers can do with just the littlest things and how they seem to do work. For example several people came to the realization that the NCIS on TV isn’t exactly what goes on in the actual agency. People don’t understand that certain things have to be slightly differ…

Didn't Do Much Celebrating

I started getting a headache during bingo. It got progressively worse as the morning went on. I began sweating profusely. I ended up leaving church earlier and heading home. I was going to stop for gas but decided to do it before going to Cheryl’s.

That never happened. I went to lay down and took some Tylenol. I really shouldn’t have done that until I had something substantial in my stomach. For the next several hours I was lying in bed. The pain would subside for a bit until my stomach erupted several times. I never went to Cheryl’s and I didn’t go to Bobs.

I was astonished at how much time passed while I was getting sick. Mom had gone to Cheryl’s and came back. I was still not fully recovered so I kept up with the sleeping and the vomiting until Mom came home around 7 from Bob’s. I did take a bath (that usually helps) and after awhile I was feeling much better. I did manage to keep down cereal and had some ginger ale.

The fire work displays are starting to subside now. Some had pri…
Good Morning it is after 8 and I am just about to hop into the shower. Mom is downstairs cooking the beans. It has to be cooking for six hours and constantly stirred. She wanted to let it simmer over night. She is bringing it to Bob’s for the picnic later.

This morning I have bingo and church and then I will head over to Cheryl and Mike’s house for the Graduation party for a few hours and then end the day/night at Bob’s for the firework’s Display in West Haven.

The internet repaired itself sometime after 11:30 last night. It is so frustrating. I think this happens like every couple of months. We pay good money to have access and this shit happens?

As I am looking outside its overcast Mom was asking last night if the fireworks will be cancelled because of the rain that is expected. It probably will but won’t know it until later.

Well I have to take off will see you later..
I haven’t been home all that long. I have had dinner and have NCIS on in the background. It’s a marathon celebrating the holiday. You can see the list on I have also been updating some files.

As I wrote yesterday I went to work and scanned. There were others there doing work as well. I think I got a lot done but looking back I think I did many be 2 and half boxes. It may not seem like a lot but there are so many different sized documents. AT lunch time I went to Subway and got my veggie delite sandwich. I tried to get stuff from the vending machine and I managed to get cookies and juice and the Starbuck’s frappacino. I left the office just before 6. Before leaving the office though I made sure to call Mom to let her know where I had been.

The drive home wasn’t too bad. I went along the beach in West Haven and I am certain that everyone that was there today is claiming their spot for the fireworks tomorrow. There were a number of parties going on and several places including …