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Well I swore I wouldn’t keep a tally of how many came to the door but shortly after 6:30 and for the next 30 minutes we had just under ten people at the door included our neighbor Shea and her friend. We had one group of people from New haven (Mom was asking them and I have a feeling that they didn’t find that appropriate at all) and the others from West Haven. By 7:15 we closed the door on Halloween 2011.

I have to tell you I almost fell asleep before the evening started. Now I am fully awake and don’t know if I will be able to sleep. It may take warm milk for me.

I got an email from Telka. We have been arranging a time for the board meeting. I really hope it isn’t on Sunday. It is the NCIS Marathon and Certain Prey premiere night. Yeah my priorities are slightly skewed.

She did ask that I have the dates for the sing along and the gift delivery by our November general meeting. That will be a week from Wednesday.

Alex A sent out a reminder for the activities for the rest of the week …

Halloween 2011

I overslept this morning so I decided to drive in.I got some gas on the way because I knew if I didn’t I would be really stuck.The drive in wasn’t all that bad even though the traffic was moving slow through parts of West Haven.
It was just 8 when I got to the office.I told a few people about the discussion I had with Dave’s neighbor and they said It would have been better not to say anything at all and they should not have asked me.I am pretty sure I didn’t get defensive and I listened to those who gave their viewpoint.
As in any post storm situation some of us were comparing war stories.Some of them did lose power and some didn’t.There was also how the storm affected their area.I have been trying to see if there is any reported accumulation reports but haven’t found any.I am getting it by word of mouth.
Governor Malloy was to have a press conference this morning on clean up efforts at 8:30.There is a list of closings at Channel 8 and Channel 30 and Channel 3. I probably will see it ton…

Full Sunday

It is after 8 and I am tired. I went to bingo and had a small group today. Jillian came in today. We did pretty well. The residents that usually go to church split this time. One didn’t and the other did.

After bingo I went to church. I ran into some old friends from the club and they are doing well. I was home after 12:30.

I couldn’t find my cell for a bit. When I did I had a number of missed calls. The only thing is I looked in my car already but didn’t find it.

The Woman’s Club Board meeting was cancelled because of the weather. So I decided to get ready for Dave’s party. That too had been cancelled a second time and if I had taken the time to listen to the entire message I would have known that.

Dave and I talked and we decided to get together anyway. It was nearly two by then. Once I got there we talked about the “curse of his parties”. It almost never fails to have bad weather in where it has to be cancelled or no one shows up.

We ended up having the eggs and the multi-layere…

My class reunion

I have been up for about 30 minutes. I started my laundry early so I won’t have to worry about it later. I am thinking I will wear the outfit I had on for Adam and Olga’s reception. I probably will change my mind again later. Wanda G did say it was casual.

It is over cast and cold out right now but no snow or rain yet. I need to get ready for the canvassing at the headquarters. I will probably do that for about two hours and then come home and do more stuff for tonight.

According to the storm has already started in the Mid-Atlantic States and is heading this way. I may check blogs to see if anyone is up this early writing about it.

I left the house around 9 and went to the bank and then headed to the headquarters. Ben and Rich were on a conference call with the printers about the latest mailing they needed changes on it. After a while Seny and I were given the route we would be covering and instructions and off we went.

We had the Naugatuck Avenue area. That included so…

Plans may be changing

The weather I mentioned earlier maybe changing plans for tomorrow. Mom says it isn’t supposed to start until late in the afternoon evening (when my reunion is going on). Anyway Lorraine called and says that if the weather starts late in the day they may not go at all because she doesn’t want to drive in it on Sunday. At first she said they would still go in the morning since it wouldn’t start until late day.

I do know that if it is bad out in the morning then I am not going to help out at the canvassing. I will go to the reunion is a rain and shine.

If the weather is bad on Sunday I am not sure if I will get to the nursing home for bingo. Liz invited me to come and see Nelson 3 on Sunday afternoon around 4. That’s a definite. I am also not sure if the board meeting will still be on if it is bad either.

I had to laugh and reminded Mom that when “Aunt Ann came for a visit many years ago” both times we had storms and both times we lost power for a few days.

As I expected I received an i…

We got weather coming

Well we got weather coming!Last night several people including MS indicated they got snow.This morning many of us found ice and frost on our cars.Happily I just walked to the bus stop.It was 32 degrees. This is what Milford can expect and New Haven can expect the same.I have two fleece pull over jackets and my slicker.I didn’t think it would be necessary to bring anything else.Wrong!
Tomorrow is going to be dicey as well.Snow in the morning and probably all day.Mom is going to be riding up with Lorraine and Ann to the Bat Mitzvah and I have the canvassing and the Class reunion.
Work is going fine.I started working on the readdress mail and then around 9 had breakfast.It was an omelet with ham and cheese (and home fries).I liked the bacon; home fries and the cheese just fine the ham not so much.
One of the insurance companies did a mass mailing and it came in via the lockbox.They were basically FYI stuff so I put out 20 for the team leaders and two teams.The rest was tossed.
LG decided to …

Damn I am brain dead

I really need to check accounts before writing out checks. I went to check my bank accounts and noticed one of the checking accounts was in arrears. It’s the one I usually use for my bills. I made some arrangements (and pray I don’t get anything from the bank in the next couple of days) so now its back in shape. I just have to replace the money into the savings later.

I really wish Debra would finish filling out the paper work so I can submit reimbursement to Aetna. I put up front and then get reimbursed. I will remind her the next time I see her. That’s supposed to be next Friday I think.

I did manage to pay Mom the shared expenses and its lower this time then in the past because I paid for the rooms this weekend. Unfortunately it took me three times to write out the check. My other bills will have to wait a little bit.

I managed to get the J7 bus home tonight (that takes me along part of the shoreline and closer to the house. That meant I was home before 5 and I didn’t have to walk…

It was dark at 7 am!

It was still dark at 7 am this morning!I had woken up early and without the alarm this time.I didn’t do very much but started getting ready by quarter of six.I got ready for work and by the time I left Mom was up and I put out the rest of the garbage and recycle.
Mom had a Doctor’s appointment at 9 this morning.She was looking forward to it and was anxious to go to this to see what could be done about the weight loss.She is having lunch with the Knitwits in North Haven.She told me the name of the restaurant but I didn’t retain it.
The ride into work was fine.Sat and talked with Claire V about of all things the union when I mentioned LG wasn’t in yesterday.We shared our experiences over the years with the union and Yale.
I got to the office just about 8 or so.I got my coffee and then started on working on the lockbox from yesterday.I was finished with that by 10.I started working on today once Post office mail arrived.That volume seemed light to me.That’s okay because I still have tons of…
It was clear I was still tired from the day’s events. Shortly after I got on the bus I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew we were at the senior housing complex where I get the bus. It was a great sleep. I was home by 5 and Mom was going to start dinner. She asked me if I was going to Headquarters tonight. It was volunteer night and they were going to have dinner. I couldn’t I was tired and wanted to go to bed early.

Mom cooked the lamb chops and vegetables while I watched TV and did some internet surfing. The same discussions were going on but that is for My NCIS World blogs.

Just as we sat down Diane came by for a visit. We talked about health, family, work, and future endeavors. She has a job coming up but for now she is not working. She did share some health issues with us but she says she isn’t sharing it on Facebook.

She did say that John is going to Afghanistan in February. Mom apparently already knew that. She wasn’t excited about it. But what can we do. Apparently he got…

Pink is the word

Today is pink day.You wear something pink in commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness for those who have breast cancer, who survived breast cancer, and who may have lost to breast cancer.Many people remembered to wear it and some forgot.
If we contribute $25 by tomorrow to United Way we can have three separate dress down days.IF we contribute $10 we get to dress down I think in December.I may have covered this inthe last couple of days.
I hadn’t been here long when JB from Finance wanted to know how I was doing with the lockbox tracking.She reiterated what she needed and I found out I have been doing it all wrong.She wanted just those documents with “PO BOX XXXXXX” and no department name or number on.So we are starting from the batch she brought me today.I am still working with yesterday’s lockbox!!!!
The Boss is so pissed.LG is out again today.This would be day too.Unfortunately this could be under the intermittent medical leave.The union is supporting LG.Right now GC is not happy with …

Well a great night

I left the office just about 4. I missed the 4:00 bus but I waited for the next one. While waiting called Mom and asked her if we needed anything. We talked about dinner and lunch.

The ride home was fairly uneventful. One passenger lost his pass so someone was helping him out. I do have to admit I thought I misplaced my thumb drive happily I didn’t. It is currently staring at me on my desk.

The sun was shining and it was a nice breeze. The Dalmatians were outside and came to greet me. Simon’s pads weren’t bothering him. The mailman laughed when I told him they were my fan club.

Mom was upstairs on the computer updating her address book. We did a search for emails. She deleted Jim’s in error and we have emails out to Jamie to see if he has it. I haven’t heard from him yet.

We had cube steaks for dinner. They were tender and delicious. For dessert we had baked apples with cran-raisins.

I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done. I have two more but I can do those tomorrow. I …

A beautiful Sunrise

IT was a beautiful and chilly morning this morning.It was Red sky and the clouds and the sun coming up over the horizon.Sigh! I really do love where we live.
I stopped at Krausers and got some coffee and junk food.I had two of the three things I got.I let Cami take the chocolate zingers and the rest were up to whoever wanted the stuff.
JN came back to work after being out for two weeks.She had Bell Palsy. She says she is feeling much better but it was quite unsettling for her (aka scary).
We had our bi-monthly staff meeting.We talked about holidays and the work etc.Cash Posters now have daily stats…Gayle is not worried.
I didn’t feel like having lunch stomach was a little queasy.Nothing on Paula’s really interested me either.My knee started bothering me and I finally got some acete..whatever the word is in me.I am not sure why the knee is acting up.
Oh maybe I do know!There are predictions of snow flurries and temperatures drop in the forecast for the next couple of days or so.That happens…

Wow didn't realize I would be this tired

I have been home nearly two hours now and I can’t believe how tired I am. I was able to finish the postage tallies for today. I got part of the lobby mail done and got to Debra’s office with no problem.

The session went by fast too. We talked about the past weekend; my evening with Dave and of course High School. I have noticed as time goes on there are some memories of that time that have holes in it. Like for example where was Dad at that time? Was he working still with the railroad (yes of course he was). I had talked about Tim G (my first HS love) and what being a Police explorer was like.

When the session was over we scheduled the next session which could be next Friday (first Friday in November or the Wednesday before that).

The walk back to the car got a little dicey. I started feeling sick and getting the runs. It didn’t go away and it was a real pain in the butt (sorry for the pun).

The ride home seemed long but I did manage to see the most beautiful sunset at 6. The sky was…

Happy Monday to you

Well I am at work and doing the lockbox.It’s heavy as usual.Not sure it’s because of month end or what.I know it’s near the end of the month so this week and next will be somewhat stressful.
I had an awful dream that my thumb drive that I left at work was totally destroyed and I was given a new one.Happily that isn’t the case.It was still on the table where I left it.
I sent a quick email to Cheryl.It was a complement for her beautiful dress as well as an apology for leaving early Saturday.She was very understanding.
I talked with Mom this morning she was feeling better than yesterday and slept through the night.She had PT today and I don’t think anything else.I had to remind her about calling the repairman for the furnace.We have smelled oil since it went on.Mom says it started back in the spring but because of the health crisis she totally forgot about it.
Work is going okay.Several of my team mates are out and some came in late.The Post office mail came around 11 and the volume like I …

A long night

It is going to be a long night. I spent most of the afternoon watching TV or posting blog entries for the other blogs as well as visiting my forums.

I talked with cousin DB who returned to NC earlier this month. We talked about the weather (and the foliage) and about festivals and fairs and which ones she liked the most. She also told me what her holiday plans are for the next few months. We can expect her back up in February of 2012.

Mom got up from her nap around 3. She got into her pajamas and had some tea and read the paper. She eventually had some toast and now is watching TV. We had a call from Jim and so she spent about an hour or so talking with him.

It would seem that everyone is doing fine. Jamie became the top seller in his scout troop for the recent pop corn fundraiser. Both of his parents brought him to their respective places of work and shop and got $200 sales. Go family! The girls are fine. Jim is working with the livery/cab company.

Ah I see Blogger seems to be actin…

We are home

We got home from Glastonbury a few hours ago. Mom has been lying down since we got home. She ended up getting sick this morning around 3.

We got to the hotel around 3:30 yesterday and relaxed for a few hours. We both needed as I was suffering from a headache that ended up as a migraine. Liz and Nelson arrived at the hotel by 4:30 or so. They needed to be at the country club by 6.

As the time approached we got up and showered and dressed. I thought my headache was contained but by the time we got there it wasn’t. Part of the reason is getting there took much longer then the directions said. It was at the Glastonbury Hills Country Club in South Glastonbury. It was dark and windy roads. Of course we were freaking late!

We were greeted by our family members all asking how Mom was. There was music and appetizers (I can’t spell the Horsy douver word right). I had one (big mistake). Then the festivities began.

We were seated with the Cheryl and Mike and Grandma Maratea, and Cheryl’s’ frie…

The Celebration

In about eleven hours we will be celebrating the marriage of Olga and Adam. We will be leaving around two to get to the hotel by check in and then relax for an hour or so before the event. I have no idea how far the hotel is from the reception. I have no idea what the hotel looks like and I am hoping it will be nice. I still have to get a wedding card for them for the gift. It will be a monetary gift.

I just discovered I left my thumb drive at work. I hope it is still where I left it. I think it is on the second table where I had the tote bag. I can’t worry about it now.

For now though until we leave it will be getting ready. I have for the most part packed an overnight bag and then do a few things. When we get home tomorrow I will finish any laundry not done.

Okay got to have breakfast…see you later.

I over slept this morning

I had to drive into work this morning because I over slept.I had a dream of sorts and it got really agitating for me.I was going on a trip and perhaps on a cruise and I was going through these doors and kept getting lost.I couldn’t find my passport.I woke up around 4:30 and looking for my passport and then fell back to sleep until 6:40.So I was running around but managed to get out after 7:15.
Since I have been here worked on the postage tallies for the 17th.Did the mail and happily was finished with that fairly early and managed to get the party I dread most (the lobby mail) done too.I spent the afternoon working on the readdress mail
We had some technical issues with the printer/copier yesterday and it literally crapped out on everyone.The tech guy came and worked on it a little but said it needed parts and he would come back today and finish it.True to his word he did.AC was trying to keep him here so that if the machine craps out again he would be there.He was very funny.
Our United …

Just finishing up for the Night

We had our DTC 4th District meeting tonight and it ended at 9. I have been trying to update the phone tree and my email list on my outlook. During the meeting I found out some of the members didn’t get the reminder two weeks ago. I know I sent it. However, we were brainstorming on better communications. In the future will send out to reminders and when I send out the reminders make sure they get the sender receipt message so I know if they got the reminders or not. We had only five members and one guest who is a potential member for the committee.

Usually anyone who wants to join the town committee needs to attend the committee meetings and gets voted on the committee and then automatically becomes a member of the town committee. There are currently 24 members on the 4th District. I think it is pretty much the same in the other five districts as well.

This meeting basically discussed the preparations and activities for the municipal election in November. After the election (one Mom a…

Long Day

It’s been another long day. I spent most of the day worrying about the possible fall out from my incident with Claire D last night. I told several people the story. Some bristled that I would even hang up on the woman. Some agreed that she should not have called and they soothed my worries with not to worry. I didn’t even call home until late in the day.

I spent most of the day working on yesterday’s lockbox and I did get most of today’s mail done. At the same time still didn’t go for the lobby mail. I am hoping I can do it in the morning. I have had one person ask me (at the same time telling she really didn’t care about it-to me that’s BS because she just ends up “informing” on people. My anxiety level heightened just a little as the bin of “readdress mail” seems to be getting bigger.

We had a birthday breakfast for Gina W today. We had it from Corner Deli in the city. WE had eggs, toast, two kinds of bacon, Turkey sausage patties and pancakes. Around 2 we had cake and it was delici…

I can't believe some people

Claire D calls tonight around 8:30 or so and wanted to talk to Mom. Their literary club friend lost their husband and Claire couldn’t access the article on her computer. I explained to her that yes we got the email. That Mom is in bed and I would have her call her tomorrow. Do you know that bitch says “oh don’t do that and I thought we were better friends then that!”. Excuse me? I got annoyed and told her off. I told her again that Mom isn’t feeling well and I was tired and didn’t appreciate that comment! She can find it herself. She called back again and said I just wanted to apologize I didn’t mean to offend you. Well you did. I am not going to interrupt my TV watching just to go find something on my mother’s computer. I don’t have to. It can be done tomorrow. All I know is that bitch better not come into this house because I will lose it. I have never liked her and she is really obnoxious.

I can hardly wait to see what happens. I am sure I am going to be read the riot act. I don’t …

We are supposed to get bad weather

The weather is quiet right now. Its dusk now and no wind or anything but later on after midnight and closer to daybreak we are supposed to get light rain turning into heavy rains. There are no flood alerts or anything like that for the area but the weatherman said that could change. I am glad I am driving to work tomorrow.

I am still playing catch up with the daily mail. I finished yesterday’s by 3 and started working on this morning’s lockbox by then as well. Most of it was a mass mailing. I gave one to reimbursement department and the rest of them were tossed as Gayle had told me the changes insurance company was telling us was already known. I still have to check the lobby mail. I am hoping that once that is done and the postage/bad address tallies are done I can work the readdress mail.

WE got word that the next session of the WW @work program will start with an informational meeting this Friday and will go for seventeen weeks. That means through three holidays. This should be goo…

A Crazy Day

Drove into work today it was really nice for a change. I got to the office around quarter of and worked on the rest of Friday’s stuff that I had left. The volume for lockbox seemed normal. What wasn’t normal was the post office mail. I had suspected that the post office was holding on to mail because the volume last week was light. The Cashiers almost had a heart attack when I brought it to them late in the day. Donna A is going to have one too when I finish with it. Needless to say I still have it all on my desk including the lockbox.

There are flu shot clinics through out the campus starting today and I got mine. There is a list some where but I don’t know where. It was at Harkness Hall. It went pretty fast. I went with Claire V. We had a discussion about the weekend. She thinks I was being hard on Mom I probably was.

My session with Debra was delayed a little so Debra asked if next week we could move it to 4:30. That sounded good to me. Then it goes back to Friday for a while. I re…

I think I may be getting my wish

The 31 year tradition is over. This may be the last one and those words came from Mom after we learned about the numbers of people who were invited and confirmed and who basically showed up.

Tessa told us she sent out 300 invitations/flyers in the mail. They were to those who were in the fourth district that were families with children in the school system, Single mothers with teenagers all that could come and meet the candidates. Of the 300 people 28 confirmed (RSVP) and said they would be here. Guess what? This was the list:

Three of our neighbors from the street came

One of my neighbor’s sisters and two friends of hers.

1 friend of Mom’s from Bridges

Six Candidates

Four other 4th District Members

Kevin Lembo the state Treasurer

One woman I didn’t recognize

My friends Mike and Roberta came in support.

Tessa was thoroughly disgusted. She says and I agree with her that the people in this town are apathetic. They are not informed and could have learned so much from today if they bother…

Thirty one year Tradition

In eight hours a thirty-one year tradition will commence. My hope is it will be the last one ever in this house! Every freaking year Mom and I get in to it over something really fucking stupid. Yesterday was no exception. She wanted me to vacuum the “Welcome mat outside on the porch. I was saying I was going to us the Oreck on the rug. She misunderstood me and thought I was talking about up in my room. We stood there for five god-damn minutes until she realized when I said outside. When she went on to say “I have too much to do to think about stuff….I told her she needs to listen next time. I also said she needs to not take her anxiety out on me. That’s when shit hit the fans.. I got so frustrated that I threatened to call off the event. She told me not to bother helping her that she can’t depend on me for anything. Gee I feel the same way about her. So let her do what she wanted. Do you know that a couple of hours later she was rude to me and tells me I don’t appreciate you just sitt…
This Morning I was able to sleep until 7. I did want to get up earlier but the most I could do is laundry. This desk will not be getting cleared off I don’t think. Anyway, I put the sneakers I washed last night out in this cool air this morning. I hope it will be dry soon. The sun isn’t out full yet but it is not supposed to

I got on the net and got some cute pictures of Diane and John in Seattle. They are having some family time. I miss them terribly. I hope to see them soon.

I have to leave for the bank and the new hair salon that Liz is recommending. Mom is anxious for me to get a new stylist. She has not liked the cuts I got from the last salon.

There was a hawk outside at the edge of the property. It wasn’t there long but it was beautiful. I love seeing them there.

When I get home I have finish vacuuming the floor and make the bed and then be available for Mom. She has a list of things she wants me to do today.

New ENgland Weather

Today would be definitely considered New England Weather. The day started off in rain and it was heavy through out the day. It all changed by the time I left the office. The sun came out for a short time. When I met with Debra the clouds came back. It had rained during our session. When it I got on the bus the clouds were on the move and you could see breaks in the clouds and see blue sky. The weather report says the area will be cloudy but windy for the night (heard it earlier tonight). Tomorrow is supposed to be nice.

Work went well. I got most of the work done. I have just today’s lobby mail and postage tally to do. Of course the wretched readdress mail that’s piling up and falling over the bin. LG did not come in to work again. Even though she did get approved for Intermittent Medical Leave this doesn’t qualify. Everyone is aware of this includes the union steward who represents her.

My session with Debra went well. She hadn’t gotten my letter yet so I told her of the weeks events…

My Afternoon

Well the afternoon went swimmingly. I got most of the mail done. I still have the lobby mail to take care of but I can do that tomorrow. I probably could find all my entries that I write about the mail and just cut and paste.

Well the Petit Home invasion Case is coming to an end. Joshua Komisarjevsky was found guilty on all 17 counts. The penalty phase will be decided in a few days. It has been all over the news. has it as I am sure everyone is.

The Bus ride home was interesting. First it was a free ride. The coin/ticket reader was out of order. This woman gets on with her kid and her kid is literally screaming in my ear while I am trying to make an appointment for my hair. The woman caught my dirty look. Don’t cares…tried to make an apology and she was still a bitch.

Mom was folding clothes when I got in. She had lunch with her classmates and she feels she didn’t get much accomplished. I relaxed for a bit until it was time for me to leave for the restaurant.

Mike and Roberta …

Last night

What is it with the Bus Drivers at CT Transit?Are they all having problems?For the past several days the drivers have been rude obnoxious and drive like they are Mario Andretti or any of today’s Top drivers. I was literally tossed from my seat as the bus driver was turning a corner yesterday and I nearly landed on the floor if it weren’t for some nice people.This morning the bus driver drives up closes the door and goes to the “little boys room”.I told him when he got back he could have left the door open…he says he didn’t know I wanted the bus???
Last night was pretty good.Mom and I had dinner a little after 5.She was cooking pot roast with vegetables.It was really good.I went to my woman’s club meeting and I was early which was good but I helped out with greeting.I just didn’t want to work on the Veteran’s day gifts.There was a costume contest and as always Kellie C entered unfortunately she didn’t win.She was a little hurt.I took her home after the meeting and headed to the DTC Head…

Busy couple of days

Yesterday was kind of a busy day.Lots of mail, staff meeting that turned rowdy, LG was Miss bizarre again but she was sent home.I have been still getting the sniffles but no nosebleeds.
Mom and I seemed to have the same discussion about odors.It really annoyed me but we figured some things may need washing and taking the rug out.Odors get trapped in the rug etc…
Liz and Nelson got home around 7:30 last night they called around 8:30.Mom had already gone to bed.She was still awake though. I talked with her this morning.She was tired but she is apparently having trouble with her legs and has been for two weeks now.
Today has been busy too trying to catch up and with Monday as the holiday it has shifted most of my volume again.Probably won’t be set straight until sometime next week.
The weather is changing quickly.It’s been very cool and its supposed to start raining by the end of the day.
Tonight is the woman’s Club meeting and the Grand Opening of the DTC Headquarters…Not sure I will make th…

RIP Lulu

Today I received some very sad news. Dave called to let me know that his 7 year old Pug Lulu died unexpectedly. After subsequent calls he told me it may have been his fault. He was feeling incredibly guilty for leaving Lulu at home alone or with someone frequently and decided to take her with him and his companion up to spend the day in VT. They even went to some stores. He discovered he couldn’t take her in to them so he put her in the car with windows down enough so she would not jump out. Some time later she was on the floor of the car dead.

Rose, Jim, and everyone tried to tell him that he can’t beat himself up but I reminded him that it has been said over and over to not leave an animal in the car. I did say it was a tragic accident. He apparently was contemplating on giving the dog up when his ex Partner informed him he no longer wanted to watch the dog. That he had plans of giving up his apartment and move to VA. Patrick apparently made suggestions that friends had another pug…