Final entry for the night

I was just heading to bed but I thought I would do a quick update. The kitchen faucet is fixed after Bob had to run to the store and get some more washers. He was chastising himself for not having the right materials for the repair so he had to go to the store. It seems to me that happens a lot. Well at least it’s done.

Jim called tonight just as I was leaving for church and told Mom he went to the doctor and it looks like he has skin cancer on his face. He told her he was going to have it taken care of I think Monday. When I returned from church I asked Mom about the phone conversation. I also told her that I would go see Jim and take care of him during his recovery. She put a kybosh that suggestion completely. I am surprised she didn’t even ask how I knew.

I am not sure if we are having a Board meeting tomorrow or not. Roberta and I haven’t heard from Telka since earlier in the week. She did have an agenda but no actual date confirmed. I left a phone message for her so I am waiting and will have to call Roberta back tomorrow.

Roberta took some time to discuss Hawaii. I asked her if she was able to transfer her time share to the Island and she hasn’t done it yet. She said she would do it tomorrow. I told her about the prices I have found for air fare but not for the hotel. I suspect the price alerts I have been getting include those.

I couldn’t believe all the good movies that were on today. There was Willy Wonka, LOTR, Hook, and there were some I had no interest in watching. There were also shows I hadn’t seen in years such Lost in Space and of course The Original Star Trek. I haven’t seen the shows in a good long time.

Okay well its time for me to say good night.


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