Mondnay Musings

I had a great sleep but of course I wanted to stay in bed as much as possible.  It was nearly 6:30 when I finally got up.  I showered, dressed, and got on line for a short time.  Mom got up shortly after I did.  She is still not feeling well but she had to be some where this morning.

The drive into work was fine until I got close to the garage.  The exit ramp was full and blocked.  There was a truck parked on the N Frontage RD behind the office and another car parked behind it.  We had to go around them.  Time was of the essence.

Work is fine.  Finished the lockbox early and got some readdress mail done.  At first impression the US Mail seems to be heavy.  It usually ends up not being heavy.  I was able to get almost everything done.

We had a surprise visit from CD…she was in training here and stopped by for a visit.  I also found out that JH was relieved of duties last week.  Some people knew last week.