Not a bad night

I have to say I am enjoying the evening. I didn’t have any problems getting home from work. The traffic was light and I managed to get home just about 4:30.

Before going in I decided to clean the windows of the car because they seemed dirty and the glare at times can be quite dangerous. I was surprised to find there wasn’t a lot of dirt. That can mean only one thing (or more) and that is the wind shield is pitted. I will check it out tomorrow while driving.

I found Mom in her pajamas and talking on the phone regarding her one of her committees and boards. I think she has to speak and she is still having a hard time with clog ears. I have noticed she is not coughing as much as she was last night or this morning. She did manage to get dinner started.

We had pork chops and mashed potatoes and home made biscuits. She is cleaning up and going to watch TV for a while.

The rest of the work day went okay. I took a walk to city hall to pick up parking vouchers for GC and came back and got us lunch. Longhini sausage sandwiches. I have to finish the lockbox and do the lobby mail and do the month end of postage tallies.

I watched TV for a while and now I am heading to bed….