Terry's Birthday

Ah today is a very special day.  Today is Terry’s Birthday.  She was given a breakfast by friends on another team. DK brought in bagels not realizing we had planned on something later on in the week.  She is definitely well loved woman by all who know her.

I was annoyed by some incidences today.  Apparently when I complained to someone (it was in passing) about the Pit bull regarding coffee.  They in turn told SR told GC.  First off I thought I could trust the person I was speaking to but GC reminded me that person is still a manager.  Two campus mail things I sent out yesterday were back on my desk.  It had the right address on (it was going to a particular doctor) but when I have several for that one address I just put the department and address.

Late in the day one of the couriers came back for stuff he was taking back to the Long Wharf.  I gave it to him but he was expecting something else. 

I called Mom a couple of times and she still feels miserable.  She even went back to bed.