The Birthday Dinner

It was after 4:30 when I got home. I was trying to get ready for the birthday dinner at Stonebridge here in town. We were meeting Liz and her family and Bob and Ethel for the special dinners.

Mom and I were the first to arrive. Mom gave the maître d explicit instructions to put the dinners on her card (she handed it to him). I was a little surprised and annoyed she would hand over the card. We played musical chairs at first at the table. After we settled in my Nephew Rich and his Girl came. We chatted for a bit ad commented that Liz would be late to her own funeral. Eventually they arrived followed by Bob and Ethel.

For the next hour and half we shared memories, discussions of Facebook, and stories. Some I didn’t remember at all. Like the fact my brother Bob took Liz to the hospital for her appendicitis and for the birth of Chris or Rich. Mom had a hard time hearing most of it not just because of her crappy hearing anyway but because of the cold she has. There was a variety of different entrées. We started off with either soup or salad. Most of us had seafood. There was a couple of Beef and fowl. I had linguini and clams. I had to take it home as I was full. I didn’t even have the dessert.

I am hoping the pictures Liz took will show up on her Facebook page (if Bob doesn’t object. I actually would post on my own but Bob is very private and doesn’t want to do that.

Now that we have been home I may go to bed as I am tired and have a lot to do tomorrow. Mom has asked me NOT to get her flowers but to put Money towards a new phone for the house. I told her I would do that. I need to get a card though.

Okay I will see you in the morning.


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