Did OT

I worked until 5:30 tonight because the volume of the mail was heavy. The lockbox was heavy and I got it around 9. I worked on it for an hour or so before the post office mail arrived. Happily that was normal volume. I went to Ash Wednesday Services over at the hospital with DK, TJ, DC afterwards DK and I went to pick up lunch at the hospital.

GC is having some issues with her bosses. I tried to ask her if it was about the mail and she said no. However, I am not certain that is completely the truth. I think it is just part of it. That mixed in with the situation with the milk lady. She didn’t come into because (at least we seem to think) because GC said something to LG about picking up speed with the work she is doing. She has been given the assignment to log in and out the batches of cash batches to be prepped for scanning. She takes far too long to get them done. Where it takes JN or AC an hour to do it LG takes six hours.

I had forgotten that mom had a meeting to go tonight (I thought it was earlier today) she didn’t get home until 9. I even got a little scared as I could see there was a shooting at hospital in New Britain. Mom was no where near New Britain. She was in Milford for Bridges Executive Board meeting. She is having dinner right now and watching TV.

I talked with Liz today. I was open with her about how things went this past week. She had asked me if they felt I was goofing off or around on the job. I couldn’t answer but a small part of me was wondering if she was judging me or criticizing me for things.

She did promise to look at the emails I sent on about activities at the Peabody museum this week. Apparently they have some programs for kids and since it is Winter break they need stuff to do. She did say that they are supposed to come spend time with her and nelson but they have been sticking close to their Mom and brother of late.

I talked with Jim. He sounds much better than when I last talked with him. We talked about the article on Cousin Ray and we talked about the kids. It seemed a fairly routine discussion.

I was going to watch NCIS again but I am too tired and I want to get to bed.

Have a great night and see you in the morning.