Early Morning Babble

When I went to bed last night I knew that I would be in trouble. I managed to get some sleep but it was a light sleep. I heard Mom go to bed before Midnight. When I got up for a bathroom run I decided to get on the computer again.

I have already updated my health blog and my password directory. I made a few passes at the various forums I visit daily and prevented myself from exploding at one arrogant little prick for the responses he got in regards to huge assumption/question about SM.

I heard from Jim last night he called me around 6. I didn’t realize it until I looked at the phone a short time ago. Anyway he ahs a cold (again), did I mention he left a message for us on Saturday that the skin cancer on his face is ‘pre-cancerous’?

I was thinking since the 2012 Lenten Season begins tomorrow and the way I have been feeling emotionally that maybe it would be a good idea if I started reading the bible again. I have done it from time to time in the past and it has brought some peace of mind for me.

OMG. I just found Al Terzi the Newscaster/journalist for WFSB is leaving Channel 3 news on Friday. Geoff Fox announced it in his blog yesterday. I remember when Al Terzi was on Channel 8 for years until he had some rather unfortunate problems. He then moved to Channel 3. I guess he has been a part of Connecticut broadcasting for years. You can read about Al here (I hope), if not go to Wikipedia and look up Al Terzi or to WFSB.com and read his bio. You might be better off doing the latter.

Well I better get back to bed…the alarm is set to go off in about four hours. Thanks for spending time with me this morning.


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