finally got some sleep

I finally got to sleep sometime after two this morning.  The alarm did go off but later I noticed it was flashing.  I must have pushed the bed against the wall or something.  I stayed I bed until 6:15

When I did get up I was a semi speed demon.  I got the garbage out and the garbage can to the back of the house.  I got ready for work and managed to get on line for a bit.

I really should have taken the time to make sure I had my ID holder.  I couldn’t find it at first and got as far as the elementary school half mile away.  I came back to see if it was upstairs it wasn’t but it was in the car on the passenger side.  Talk about wasting time and energy!  I was late for work.  It really stressed me out. 

Now though I am so tired.  I drank coffee and the rest of my soda and a few doughnut holes that Gayle brought in.  I am trying really hard to keep it low key.  Only talking to a few people and speaking softly at all times.  When I get so tired I end up getting loud and obnoxious.

After a two day absence the Milk Lady is back.  She barely talks to any of us.  When she does its “eye-rolling” time when she talks about how she is shaking and “her head isn’t right”.  We have all scoffed and agree it never has been ‘right’.  She is logging out and sorting the cash batches and it takes her ALL DAY when it takes most of the scanners two hours.

I talked with Liz and Mom.  They are fine.  Liz finished PT and Mom was working on some reports for tonight. 

I finally woke up after a few more munchkins and 1 Egg Roll.  I don’t know for how long as I was still feeling tired.