For the last two days I have been working and running around. Mail was very heavy yesterday making up fro the lack of it on Monday. I didn’t finish it until this morning. Today’s volume was good and I was able to finish it. Well that doesn’t include the readdress mail or the lobby mail I haven’t picked up since Friday. I got another bin of the Medical Society magazine today. These really, really don’t belong at the Med School but at the individual MD’s homes.

If I am honest the other reason it took me so long is I was online for quite a bit yesterday. It all had to do with the NCIS fandom. All of that can be found here. Let’s just say it was “Okay to Fair”.

After work yesterday I rushed around to get Jamie’s Birthday gift/card mailed out to him in time for his birthday at the end of the week. I got him an I-Tunes card at Toys R Us and then a few cards at a card shop and then hauled my ass back to the post office and got supplies (stamps) and mailed it. I think it was nearly 5 by the time I got home.

I spent the rest of the evening preparing for the NCIS milestone (and all that went with it). Again you could probably find it in my NCIS blogs.

Tonight when I got home I did some laundry. It is enough laundry to carry me for the next few days as I am going to NH’s house to baby sit the pups and Gerbils. NH and I were playing telephone tag for the last couple of days.

I don’t know how it is I was able to manage sleep when my hip (at least I think it is my hip) has been bothering for the last couple of days.

I better get the garbage out before it gets to late…see ya later.