Got home earlier than planned

The session went by quickly but she noticed I was feeling and sounding much better than our last session. I wasn’t as agitated as I was last week. I pointed out that I sometimes vent to people and depending how it went I usually does well. I was home earlier than expected. Mom thought Debra short changed me out of time. First of all I told her the session started at 5 and it usually is 45 minutes to 50 minutes. I got out of there at 5:45 pm what’s the big deal? You are not the one paying for it.

We had lamb chops and potatoes and vegetables for dinner. While Mom cooked dinner I had taken a bath and watched TV. USA is showing the episodes from season three. We watched the news and finished eating. I realized a short while ago Mom just finished cleaning the kitchen. She really wasn’t feeling well. Usually after dinner I am to clear and clean my own dishes and Mom usually cleans up the kitchen. Tomorrow will be slightly different.

Before I get home from work I will be going to get Jamie’s birthday gift and card and get it mailed to him. His birthday is Friday. Mom asked me about and she reminded me I didn’t have a lot of time to do it. I told her I would get it done.

I got some emails from Telka this evening. It was in preparation for this Thursday’s General Meeting. I have phone squad messages to send out and make a phone call to Beth-El Shelter for our annual international dinner. She also will be announcing the new secretary for the Girls Club. It’s Jacqueline F. Nicole’s sister. I am so excited.

There were also a couple of postings on Facebook from the GFWC I am wondering if I can share those at the meeting on Thursday. I will call Telka after I call Beth-El and tell her. One was about the death notice of one of our sister member in Florida. Today’s entry was I think a newsletter form for the members to read. I have to look at it again.

I got a weird call today. I suspect it was a collection call. One of those that are a recording or don’t answer right away. I also suspect it is from the Silkies Company. I still have not paid for the last shipment of pantyhose. I think I better do that.

Well I am going to do some reading as it is getting to be 9:30. I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow….:)


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