Had a good and busy day yesterday

I am sorry I didn’t write yesterday but it was Monday and I wanted to make sure I got the work done. I also couldn’t log on to my blogger either. It’s probably better that way anyway.

Milk Lady (aka LG) worked her final day before her suspension starts. I was also informed by co-workers that she was also asked to resign her position altogether. At first I took great pleasure out of this info because she has been dead weight. Then I realized that one day that could be me. Despite the knowledge that my team and my supervisor understand that I do the best that I can and that one person can’t do the mail by themselves. Others may not feel the same way.

After work I had my session with Debra. I told her about the weekend and about work. We focused mostly on the weekend events.

After my session with Debra I went over to the AT&T store and got a new phone. I had gone to Radio shack and they didn’t have the equipment I needed. My phone was four years old and the warranty had expired. They don’t make that phone anymore (Nokia) or the battery for it. So I got an upgrade and it cost me $42 and there is a $30 dollar rebate. The nice man tried to get me to sign up for u-verse and I said no. It’s a 3G one and could have the apps if I wanted (I don’t) and I am not sure I want to use my email on it. It is a lot slimmer than the other one.

It was nearly 6 when I got home. Mom was at her meetings and I was on my own for dinner. I was tempted to go to subway or some place like that but decided I would have what ever was in the house.

I had baked beans and bread and brown bread cake that Mom made earlier in the week. It was good and satisfying until I started getting thirsty.

Jim called last night. He says he was congested but I couldn’t help think the worst. I don’t want to think it but he was not focusing and he seemed out of it. I really hope I am wrong.

I am expecting heavy mail volume but GC seems to think because it is month end it won’t be. I don’t know any more. I used to think I had a bead on the volume and then it would change and now I don’t know.

This afternoon J Maroney is announcing his candidacy for the 119th (Rep D Roy’s seat). He has asked us to be there. I am not sure if I am going it depends on how tired I am.

I woke up a few times during the night and stayed up for a bit. I am not sure how this is going to work.

I need to get going though….


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