Had a much better day

I managed to get to work on time and got some of the readdress mail worked on. I went to see if LP had the lockbox ready for me and that was a first mistake she is also under a lot of pressure and stress getting all the stuff she needs to do. She told me there was no lockbox because it was yesterdays and they were closed. The US mail seemed heavy and I was toying with asking for help but I managed to get it done by 3:30. I was tempted to stay later and get the lobby mail done but I told Gayle I would have it done first thing AM.

We had a staff meeting and it basically talked about how the cash batches are late getting to the cash posters. It’s having do to do with the lockbox coming to the building late and the fact the cashiers have to prepare it.

We even talked about the new system that we will be using by next year. AC made a good point that it will make change the way we do our work.

I did suggest/ask if I could work Saturday with the readdress mail and G said yes. So My Saturday is going to be rather full.

I talked with nelson this morning. They both were not feeling well so I will have to talk to them later. However, the first call I made I couldn’t think of the word museum in New Haven. I was stuttering all over the place.

Today is JHP’s Birthday he s 28 years old. Mom forgot his birthday and she is kicking herself. I managed to post to his Facebook page.

Mom had her Barium test and is confident it will be okay. She has been having problems with swallowing. This was news to me but won’t jump to conclusions until I know more. She had a meeting in Middletown and enjoyed it. Now she is preparing for a wedding ceremony tomorrow morning. She is going to be doing one on March 4 I think here.

We got a lovely note from my Aunt in GA today. She sent some pictures of Mom and Dad with her and my Uncle when they visited GA. She also had an article on my Cousin RR. He was the economic development officer for LaGrange for the last several years and now will be leaving LaGrange for a better position. In the February 9th article it goes on to say what brought on the change and what will happen next.

I do not like tonight’s episode of NCIS. I am going to give it my full attention at another time but from what I have seen not sure it will change much.

Besides I really need to get to bed. It is going to be another long day.