Having a hard time sleeping

I am having a hard time trying to sleep between the hand aching and me being agitated for unknown reason. I have been checking out various blogs on the blog sites and I am not finding what I want.

Mom went to bed just around 11:30 last night. She was getting tired. She was feeling better earlier but still not completely better.

For some reason (probably the signal strength is low) the computer is really slow. It is really frustrating and I have done pretty much everything to improve it.

I have looked out the window (as I have proclaimed several times this week) to see light reflecting off the clouds. It is clearly cloudy now I am not sure if it is supposed to rain or not but I have been looking at the weather report for the weekend. There is a 10% chance of rain (just what the hell does that mean) through out the weekend. How about snow? Well at least maybe Sunday?

Next week I have a busy week. I have my meeting with Debra Monday and then the end of the week I have the woman’s club meeting and then baby sitting the pups for Nancy. That will be the entire weekend. I will be doing the valentines card delivery at the nursing home as well.

I know it’s only the early part of the month but I am already amazed that we are starting the second week of February already. It’s going by so fast.

Okay now I am babbling…let me try and get some sleep. See you later.


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