Home Nearly an hour

It seems very relaxing to be home. It’s quiet except for Mom’s movements in the kitchen. She is making chicken soup and chicken dish for dinner tonight. That’s great because at 30 degrees it is needed.

When I changed my password for one of my accounts this weekend I totally forgot I would have to do it for outlook. It seems to be working just fine but I had a momentary panic attack.

I unpacked my bag and put the clothes that need washing in a pile. I decided that I have enough things to wear for tomorrow without having to do laundry. I just got real lazy for now.

So you obviously can tell the taxes and the laundry is not getting done tonight. I really don’t think a day would make that much of a difference.

The only regret I have and could possibly bite me in the proverbial ass is the three little white lies I told Mom today. The first one was telling I went to church today. I didn’t go. The second was telling her I didn’t wear a sweat shirt that was a political ad for probate judge a couple of years ago out in public. The littlest things will eat at you when you least expect it to.

The reasons were simple I didn’t want to get into it with her or hear the lectures she would be giving me.

Well its time for me to take a shower and get into my pajamas