I arrived to my office in plenty of time but I found the bins that have all the readdress mail pulled out from under my desk. I was afraid that someone or several someones had pulled it out from under my desk. No one questioned me about it but it propelled me into working on a lot of it. I managed to get a lot done today and felt better about it by the time I went to Debra’s.

Since I got home had dinner, watched TV, and sent out some emails. Mom made rice and shrimp dish that was fabulous. I asked how she did the shrimp and she apparently cooked it in butter and some light tomato sauce and some breading and some herbs and spices. She cooked the rice separately and it was awesome.

I watched NCIS tonight it was from 4th Season. It wasn’t on for the full four hours as usual because of the AKA dog show. I should be watching it too because my cousin is part of a Golden Retriever rescue has a few dogs in this show. Unfortunately I can’t keep my eyes straight. I am so tired.

I approved an email from JH in Canada today and now I am regretting it. She was talking about Whitney Houston and what to expect for the Autopsy and gave background information. At the end of the emails she says its time to get over Whitney’s death.

I replied that I understand what she is saying but to tell us how to grieve is not right.

I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I am hitting the sack.