I Had me a Day

I got to work and had an unpleasant incident with three co-workers on the elevator. They all moved to the opposite side of the elevator saying “don’t get close to me I don’t want what you have”. I looked at them and said it was fucking rude. Before anyone says it wasn’t to me it was embarrassing and rude. I reiterated what would be the beginning of several “I am fine”. Yet these idiotic morons continue to blame me for two others getting the stomach flu that has already been going around anyway. There are many who do not think I caused them to get sick. As I said in yesterday’s entry I was feeling better by 1 am yesterday morning. The Doctor cleared me when I saw him yesterday afternoon.

To the added stress SR came to me and told me that if I get behind that I need to ask for help. That people are expecting things and need to have it. I looked at her and said first the volume for lockbox on Tuesday was above and beyond what I would normally get and I went home sick. Apparently that didn’t faze her at all. She asked Gayle to get me some help and that was LG. She worked on today’s mail and I worked on yesterdays and we got it done. She opened it date stamped it and put them back in the envelope put them in various piles. When I finished with what I had to do I think it took me a half an hour to work on the stuff she did.

After work was the retirement dinner for JH. It was at the Kelly Gastro Bistro on the corner of Crown and Temple. It started at five and had quite a turn out. We met her family and saw some old friends who came to say good bye and wish JH well. The food was good. I had a salad, bread and for the main course I changed from I think the fish to beef tenderloins with mustard rub, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley and the dessert was Italian cake. I had some coffee too. It broke up by 7:30.

Now that I am sitting here I am afraid to say that my stomach got a “little rumble”. It wasn’t the only food I had today. I had a couple pieces of cheese Danish for breakfast and for lunch ham sandwich on Croissant and some fruit and vegetables all provided by GC. I drank a lot of water today too.

I was able to sit in for the rest of the 4th District meeting and I really should have just gone to bed. I was there for an hour and we were talking about ways for more community service involvement.

After the meeting I was checking emails and found an email from Mom. Her 95 year old cousin died this morning. We attended her 95th Birthday last month I think. The services are not until Saturday I think.

Tonight a member of one of the pen pal lists removed herself from the group after receiving hate mail from another member for not continuing to write the person. The member has said she was polite about it but continued to receive hate mail. So she felt she should leave to stop the nonsense. I am trying to think of what to write to the groups to remind them that this behavior is unacceptable. I have it pretty much down to what I want to say but it may not be received well. This is just great.

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