I watched Jay last night

Most of you who read this blog or know me know I am not a late night talk show viewer.  I usually find the monologues stupid, boring and belittling.  The only times I will actually endure this crap is if a celebrity I like is on.  Last night was just that night.  They had First Lady Michelle Obama as the first guest. 

She was funny, witty, and informative and I found the anecdotes about what life is like in the White House for the Obama’s to be very interesting.  They keep some form of normalcy in their lives despite the fish bowl existence.  She barely if at all touched on political issues.  She talked about the things she is involved with (the military, kids health). 

Of course I loved the interview with Mark Harmon.  Jay did interrupt him a few times but it wasn’t as bad as usual.  I watched it a few more times on line.

I did have a hard time getting back to sleep last night and when it was time for me to get up it was 6:30.  I could hear Mom getting up as well.  She had to be in Hartford early and so I was in and out of the bathroom in good time.  One minor snafu was when Mom starting bitching about the top.  She has to learn that if she insists on 1) being so damn critical and 2) nasty about things she will alienate people around her including her children.

 The drive in to work was okay despite the rain shower.  I was in the office a little after 8.  I wasn’t pleased at the fact I had to ride up in the elevator w/SR.  She may have a tad problem with me not at my desk at 8.

LG hasn’t come in yet.  She called earlier to say that her eyes were still “blurry” and she might be in later in the day.  She had the surgery Monday.  It is general consensus that she is milking the situation.  I have now dubbed her “the Milk lady”.

My Plans for this evening are to do laundry and get my room in some what good shape.  I have two reasons for that.  The first being if Jim does come up I suspect the kids will be with them.  Second I will be too busy Saturday to do any cleaning in time for the Mexican Train game at 5.

Okay the lockbox is finished and now on to the other stuff.  I will see you later….