In Fifteen Hours

In fifteen hours and after a day of work my weekend with Packy and Preston will begin. Their Mom let me know they are looking forward to seeing me and spending time with me. You have no idea how that pleases me. It’s that unconditional love we all look for. I have a feeling the next two days they will be alone longer than during the recess (well maybe not). It will just seem like it. Anyway, their family should be home some time Sunday afternoon.

My co-worker GO just recently got a puppy and she is going through new parent issues with the puppy. She is afraid to leave the puppy alone for long periods of time. She was concerned as he was having the runs recently and she shared it with all of her Facebook family. That I probably could have done with out but I also could empathize with her.

Happy News Mom is continuing to recover from her sinus infection. She sounded much better today but wasn’t feeling completely better. She had a busy day of meetings. She came home and made dinner (Left over Chicken and Gravy and various vegetable dishes). She has more meetings tomorrow and tomorrow night including another Sewer Commission. That will be on going until the Pumping station is built.

Okay I am going to go watch NCIS from season 3. Yeah I know I should be sleeping but that’s not happening right now.