Iz Got Snow

I was very surprised to wake up during the night to find snow on the ground.  I was expecting nothing but rain.  The weather forecasters said the northern part of the state would be getting the snow while the shoreline would get rain.  WRONG!   Believe me when I say this is fine. 

The post office has state officials and many people in a state of panic as they announced they are closing two Mail Distribution Centers here in Connecticut.  One is in Wallingford where my co-worker TDYREK has a family member who works there.  According to T she is not sure if the closing of Wallingford will affect her job or not.

I am sorry to hear this because so many jobs will be lost or sent out of state.  On a personal level I pay a lot of my bills on line.  I barely send out letters, cards and notes to anyone so right now it doesn’t affect me.    I guess people will have to readjust how they pay their bills via postal service.

CD came by for a visit today.  She took the week off to be with the kids but its also moving day for her and her family.  She says things are going well despite the Ex’s stupidity. 

We had a farewell cake for Jean H today as next week is her final week here at YMG.  Her team gave her a luncheon too.  IT was pizza but because it is Lenten Friday I have been a good girl and abstained from having a meal. J

I talked with Mom and she is fine.  We both slept well and briefly talked about dinner-something Mom wasn’t ready to talk about and I know it annoyed her. 

Tonight I am doing laundry and Relaxing.  I have to be at the office tomorrow for several hours. 


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