Last Day

I left shortly after 9 for the nursing home.  The boys and I had been awake awhile but stayed in bed until 7 or 8.  We took our morning walk and they did pretty good.  We played inside for a bit and made sure the bed was made and things were straightened up.

The main topic everywhere I have gone whether it’s the TV or the internet has been the news of Whitney Houston’s death.  She was found dead in a Hotel in Los Angeles.  She was getting ready for Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy party last night. 

Bingo went well.  Unfortunately there was a GI outbreak on the second floor so they had to contain it.  As a result I cancelled bingo near the end when most of the second floor was in the room.  It was okay by me because I was having a headache and wanted to get back to the pups early.  The headache was gone after I had some ibuprofen. 

When I got back to the house it was nearly noon.  I checked the house and found a package in the office.  I am guessing it was from Packy.  I took them out immediately and the only one who went was Preston.   I surfed the net for a while and got things together.

When NH,P, O came home we chatted and then I headed home.  I had laundry and perhaps taxes to do.