Leap Year

Happy Leap year Leap Day to everyone I went looking for the best description of what Leap year is and the one I found is here. I still don’t understand it myself and I am not really feeling up to reading it tonight.

Work went really well. I managed to get a lot done and got it done fairly early and it allowed me to work on some other things. It was day two of LG’s suspension and from what I was told she will be returning on Friday. I was also told she would not be following through with the suggestion to resign. It sounds like she is being defiant and I suspect we are in for a long battle with her.

Despite the day going well for me I also wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t sure if it was the visit starting or not but my stomach was aching. It still is even now. I had lunch and dinner and neither have come up yet. I have taken Tums but it hasn’t done much.

The weather system that has been predicted started around noon today. In the northern part it snowed and along the shore it was rain. Only a few left early because they live in the north part of the state. By the time I got home it was starting to hail. They were not the huge golf ball sizes that some areas got (I sometimes wish we got those) but they came down. I think it is still raining now but I can’t hear anything.

I talked with Liz today she is fine. She had the procedure to lubricate her knees. I am pretty sure it will take a few days to see if it starts to work. Everyone seems to be doing okay.

Mom had her early morning meeting for Bridges this morning and she said it went very well. It was about an hour and I am guessing it had to do with grants and projects they have wanted to do. I found her in her office when I got home. She had been baking and talking with Jim. Her stomach was feeling queasy as well. I think she is going to bed now.