More Wintery Weather expected

It is six in the evening. I have been home a while. We just finished dinner and it was pretty good. Mom made spaghetti and clams. It was exactly what I asked for and it was satisfying.

While we were watching the news the weather report came on. It seems we are getting more “wintery weather”. Rain and snow mixed in during the night. There are high winds expected as well. As usual they are recommending people take care and don’t go out if you don’t have to. I don’t need to be asked twice.

I heard from Dave today I finally got a hold of him. He was telling me Lyman Orchards in Middlebury is having a mini-winter carnival this weekend. He was wondering if we could do it on Sunday. We talked about it and I would like to go. The time frame would have to depend on the status of the quarantine at the Nursing home.

Once we established that I would call him and let him know we started catching up. He has been working. He went to dinner at Savin Rock Roasting Company in West Haven. He saw Dan’s ex there. However she didn’t recognize Dave. We will catch up more when we get together on Sunday.

Mom says she isn’t feeling well this evening. Her stomach is bothering her and feels it’s the food we had last night. It was greasy in some aspects and that doesn’t do her any good. Tonight she is taking it easy.

Tomorrow she wants to take apart the Stereo system in the dining room. It is no longer usable. I was going to try to do it tonight but deciding to do it tomorrow instead. I can do that after work.

I think I am going to clean out some emails and update files for a bit. I also think I should pay some bills before I get really screwed up.

Have a great night. Stay warm.