Much Better today

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines Day yesterday. I am afraid I had a stomach bug that took most of the day to get rid of. It hit me just as I got to work and by 10 I was exploding all over the ladies bathroom. I was home after 10:30. I was so embarrassed but touched by the caring and thoughtfulness of both AC and G. They got my things and AC walked me to my car.

The rest of the day I was sick or sleeping. By one am this morning I was feeling better. I finally got some more sleep and by 6 am I was getting ready for work. I was quarantined to my office by everyone and at one point it was suggested I go to the doctor just to be sure. I made the call and a short time later I was asked to come in at 3:45.

The Dr. checked me over and aside from the abdomen being a little hard he didn’t see anything that could prevent me from returning to work tomorrow. He did update my file (health history etc) and he reminded me that turning 50 means I have to do the colonoscopy. He also thought that a man who died today was related to me a man I knew by reputation but he wasn’t related.

After the appointment I finally got the x-ray from March I was supposed to get that took another half hour and I was home by 5. I fell asleep in front of the TV until Mom got home.

I watched TV for a while and had some toast and got on line. Now that it is after 11 I am going to try and get some sleep.


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