A regular mail day

Even though today was a federal holiday and the post office was closed the mail volume seemed to be like any other Monday. It was mostly insurance and legal correspondence. The US mail was from the clinics and lower in volume. I was able to get that all done and the lobby mail from Friday and the weekend. I kept checking with Finance to make sure all the mail was available to me and it was.

I was talking to Joanie today and talked about how concerned I was for my job. I don’t like conflict and I was trying very hard today to stay out of SR’s way and not give her any ammunition that could cause problems with it. I even gave her a “what if” scenario. What if Gayle was no longer working here or could no longer work? I didn’t want to let on that’s exactly what was going to happen come the autumn. I did get a little teary eyed and Joanie gave me a hug and told me not to worry.

DK and RW both came back today after their bout with the Stomach flu. They both know and understand it wasn’t my fault and reassured me. Apparently DK’s hubby has it bad and his immune system is worse than mine. I spent a lot of time with DK. We went to Paula’s for our lunch and late in the day I went with her to see her Mom over in Registration. I explained I was trying to stay off SR’s radar today. She understood.

When I finished the priority mail I worked on the readdress mail leaving the postage and bad address tallies for another day. I would like to say I made a small dent in it but there is still much to do. I don’t think I will be able to get to it tomorrow but I will try. I just have to remember to ask for help because I already know its going to be lots.

I met with Debra and that session was very informative. I told her about the long and stressful week since our last session and how I was feeling anxious about work and about the future and I also talked about my finances how I don’t know if I will be able to do well. She said to focus on work and ask for help and that all of it will work out. You have been there before and you will do it again. She also says that on the weekend focus and plan on doing the taxes to help pay the bills. For tonight just have a good meal and watch TV and sleep. I was beginning to get anxious that I started to cry. Debra reminded me that I have nothing to worry about. She told me I could pay when I asked if I could pay it next week. I felt some what better when I left.

When I got home I found Mom in her pajamas watching TV. Dinner was cooking in the oven. She had a few minor complaints and I told her I would be aware of it. I was a complete chatty Cathy through dinner and even after. I even talked with her about how things are kind of going right now with work. She listened and asked a few questions and it was amazing. I even told her I know I have to be a more patient and open to views of others and she wasn’t critical or even judgmental about it. She did say because I love my job that I will find ways that will help to get the job done (or reaffirmed it to me because I told her that’s what I do all the time and what I usually do about the job).

Now that is after 9:30 I think I better get to sleep. I think everything is going to be alright again.