Some time this evening I got my second wind. I have no interest in going to sleep now that is after 10 pm. I just had some warm milk I am really hoping that it works. I have also been spending time on some forums for NCIS. The same discussion that comes up regularly like clock work (SM and his weight) appeared on IMBC. The other one is marked about getting rid of McGee. I am going to post it on my NCIS instead of taking up time in my RL blogs.

Mom is working on some reports and speech for a meeting tomorrow morning at United Way. I am not sure what the meeting is about but I am guessing it is Bridges working with United Way getting funding or support for programs and other things that are really needed.

I got an email from T today in response to my earlier one about the carnival. All It said was I will speak to you later. I don’t know if she is annoyed with my response to her email a former girls club member whose FB status had some disturbing comments. I told her that I wouldn’t put a lot of gospel into that status. I had sent it to all the officers and I called Roberta this evening to see what she thought of it. She says she would get back to me on that one.

We are supposed to get some messy weather in the next 48 hours. The shoreline is supposed to get just rain and perhaps sleet. Inland is supposed to get more snow than anything else.

Well I am going to try and get some sleep.