the temperatures

At 5:15 the temperature was 59 degrees. It was a little cool but comfortable. It’s the beginning of February!!! According to Steve McLaughlin the temperatures will go to mid thirties over night. He did say no significant snow for the next 8 days.

Mom and I did our own thing for dinner. I wasn’t really hungry and Mom is going to make herself a sandwich. She is also getting prepared to make a mince meat pie for Jim when he comes this Friday/Weekend.

I did nap for a little while before dinner but it really didn’t help because even now I am very tired. I spent some time watching TV but I think I am going to go to bed a little earlier.

Liz called Mom today and told her that Audrey would be joining us for dinner. This should be really fun. I am not sure why Jason isn’t but I am not going to second guess things.

I just sent a friend request to my nieces Emily. She must have gotten permission to get back on Facebook. She doesn’t have to friend me but I am a little put off that she friends Liz and Diane and not me.

Okay I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I am going to bed now…I want to get up early to get the rest of the garbage and recyclables out.