Tonight is Mexican Train Game

Good Morning everyone I finally got some sleep after one. I have already started laundry and had breakfast. I was watching TV for a little while. I am going to work on the room for a bit and then get ready for tonight.

Mom was up before me but she isn’t feeling great. It’s clear she has a sinus infection. She is working on her taxes now at least it’s a little darker in there.

Everyone should be here by 5. We were supposed to play last month but because of the snow storm and messy weather we delayed it until this month. We are going to play a couple of rounds of the dominoes game then have dinner.

We usually have Chinese food from the restaurant down the street from us. We usually get something different and mine is usally General Tsao’s Chicken but I think I may go with Shrimp and rice or something. We will have snacks as well. I think Mom made some pie. I believe we have cookies too.

I am hoping we won’t be still playing after Midnight. I have a full morning of things to do and I want the afternoon to do my own things-even though it is Mom’s birthday and Bob’s.

Okay time to check Laundry.