went to the wake

I have been home for about 40 minutes or so. I stopped at the bank and took out money for the weekend. I took a few moments to talk to the tellers about the week’s health events. They agreed that I should not be worried and that it is airborne and people could have gotten anywhere. Reaffirmed I headed home.

Mom was emptying the dishwasher when I got home. She told me she wasn’t feeling well. *headdesk*. I asked if she got what I had and she said no that the food she ate last night was rich. Mom says she can’t eat anything. Mom got ready for the wake and we left around 5:30.

When we arrived we saw Cousin DC and then moved on to the family. My brother was there for a while. I found out that my cousin RF’s grandson works at West River. 

I spent time chatting with my young cousin’s husband they live in Lancaster PA. That was around 6 and time that Mom wanted to leave. I didn’t even have a chance to talk to the girls but I will tomorrow.

When we got home Mom got into her pajamas I had cereal and I am trying to get motivated to do laundry before the night goes by.


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