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Going to bed Shortly

The temperatures were so incredibly cold today. I couldn’t get warm for most of the morning. I felt better after awhile but when I got home I would get chilled and then normal. I have taken the night time medicine so I am hoping it will help. The back of my mouth (near the roof of my mouth) is scratchy.

Work went well. I was able to have the priority stuff done by 3 pm and worked on the lower priority stuff in between. I am hoping I will be able to do the same thing.

There was a union meeting that I couldn’t attend. It was basically a contract update and there is another one on Thursday. I really haven’t heard any feed back from today’s meeting but if I can I will attend.

I had quite an experience yesterday. As you all know I drive to work (was trying really hard to go green) and have to park in one of the garages in the city. It’s usually an early bird special in and out by certain times and the price is $3 lower. Anyway, the parking attendant accidently pressed a few buttons wrong a…

It was really windy today

I left the house this morning before 7:30. I had a really hard time getting up and getting ready but I managed to do it. I was just very tired and took it slow. I had gone to bed rather late last night..

The traffic was rather heavy but moving. I am not sure why that was but I was surprised I got to the garage by 7:40. I was in the office a short time later and chatting with both Mama Joanie and JanetN. When I realized it was after 8 I got to work.

I started on the return mail/postage tallies. I delivered the last three I had done on Saturday and started to work on more. That is until I got a call from LEEP letting me know I had the lockbox to pick up. I managed to get that done by 10. Once that was done decided to do the readdress mail but I didn’t get into too much as the mail came after that.

There was a lot. I had to remember to count every piece and record it. I had to start a few times. I had until quarter of 12 to do it. I still had a lot to do when I headed out to meet with De…

Bittersweet Day

I was at the nursing home at decent time-chatted with Claudia who informed me their hours have changed. There has to be a ‘receptionist’ at the front desk from 8 to 6. I am not sure if this is permanent or until the labor dispute/lockout is resolved. Either way Claudia is not happy about the time change. She works full time in the school system here in town. I believe this is her second job.

When I got into the recreation room Ms JuliaC was there. I got chance to chat with her and with MS PJ (Recreation therapist). We got caught up on our lives-I congratulated her on her new relationship. She is taking it very slowly and in the Christian way. We both found out that not one but two of the residents passed away this past week. They were MS RoseB (the patient who was always unhappy and couldn’t hear) and MS AnnieM. She really couldn’t hear. They played bingo (or attempted to play bingo) over the last few years.

Bingo went well. I had thirteen players and most of them won at least one gam…

Today is the Celebration of Life

Good Morning everyone! I am just getting ready for bingo on this cloudy and cool Sunday Morning. It is in the mid low mid 40’s right now and elevating slowly. We are supposed to get showers for the afternoon and evening (if I am reading it right).

This morning I have bingo and church and then this afternoon Mom and I will be attending the Celebration of life services for Neighbor Sylvia’s Mom. It is supposed to be a couple of hours and lots of food. Yeah just what I need more food.

Niece Cheryl posted more beautiful pictures of Nelson 3 this weekend. They were feeding him whipped cream. I think they were Christmas time photos because I can see the Christmas decorations.

Well it is running late I have to do bingo and go to church and come back and get ready for the Celebration of life for Neighbor Sylvia’s Mom.

Cleared the Air sort of

When I got home from the Partylite Demo I asked Mom if there was some thing wrong. She finally told me that she feels I am coming from a place of anger. I denied it at first and later on in the evening I had a longer talk. She feels I get overwhelmed with things and that I don’t deal with the anger well. I told her so many things and felt that I can’t begin to write them here. She was a little dismissive on some stuff (She thinks that I get offended at things that are not really there). To me that is judgmental basically calling me delusional. She thought everyone was shocked and disappointed or whatever at me getting upset over the phone ringing. She is so not right about that I explained three different ways. I kept telling her you couldn’t hear the phone ring and I did and I was running to catch it and I was clumsy.

So now things are good for now. It is the same as always she will never see it as what she contributes she will probably never see things the way I see it but I did te…

A busy Saturday

It is Saturday morning and I have been at work since 8.I was a little uneasy about making it on time but I did.I had stopped at Dunkin Donuts on Woodmont Road before work.I got behind a Metro North mini convoy and they were slow.They had to because one of the trucks was carrying railroad ties.
I had a little chat with LAS this morning as I was picking up the mail on the floor.Yesterday she was trying to tell me to be careful about chatting and visiting people on the floor.I got a little annoyed because the way she said it.This morning I wanted to show her I could be quiet and she smiled.So the air was cleared for this week.
I just heard from CD the party lite demo is for 1 pm.I really wish she had told me sooner.I explained I was at work and I would get there as soon as I could.Now that means I have an hour more to work.That means I will only be able to work on the postage/bad address tallies.

This was a long day

This was long day for me. It already started off badly because I was in such a pissed off mood with Mom to begin with. Although I don’t think I let on to her. This morning she noticed there may have been a problem. I just told her I was running late. That was the truth. However, I thought I could tell she was annoyed with from last night. I am not sure if that was the case or not but tonight’s interaction has reignited those feelings again.

I left her almost forgetting the “goody bag” she prepared for me. I came back for it and grabbed it. I didn’t check to see if the bags of cheese and vegetables were in it as she said. When I got to the garage I checked then and found out they weren’t. Mom and I talked about it when I got home tonight. I told her that I must have misunderstood you because I could have sworn you said they were in the bag. She got a little snippy with me.

When I got to the office I realized I left my ID badge home. I had to borrow mom Joanie’s all day long. It was so…

Another warm night

According to the weather channel it is 60 degrees tonight. It is warm in the room and I am tempted to open a window for the hell of it. It may even help me to sleep for all I know.

I am just very aggravated yet again Mom embarrasses me with her stupid and ignorant hearing loss. The phone rang and I went to answer it near the end of the meeting tonight and she criticized me for it. Then she jumps up to come answer the phone when it wasn’t even for her. I don’t believe she is even fucking trying. She interrupted one of our guests and he just played with her to get her to be quiet. She interrupted me a number of times and Tessa had to let her know. People need to put her in her freaking place. She was wearing that freaking contraption that I think is totally useless.

Oh and she left some thing on the freaking stove during the meeting and when someone else had told her I had to repeat it to her. I really don’t know how much more of this I can take.

The meeting ended by 9 and I helped cle…

It was really warm last night

The temperature last night was in the mid fifties.That would explain why I was sweating last night.IT was foggy and in the high fifties and low 60’s this morning but by 11 it was sunny.
I got up early and managed to get the rest of the garbage out.I was in my pajamas thinking no one would be out at that hour. SD was heading out to work.I told him about SylviaA losing her Mom.I got the impression he wasn’t sympathetic but I am not sure.They are always at odds for something.
I caught the tail end of the aldermanic meeting (where they voted on the sale of Mr. V’s property) last night.I went to tell Mom but she already knew it has been on a couple of days now.I am sure I will be able to catch again some time.
Work is going really well.I finished the priority stuff (most of it was light in volume to begin with) and the lobby mail came early for a change so I could work on the lower priority stuff for the afternoon.
Got an email from CD for a party lite demo at her house yesterday and its …

First Days of Spring

The first couple of days of have started off with cool air, fog, increasing temperatures, lots of work, doctor’s appointments, and sadly death. These will be memories that hopefully will live on forever.

Most of the last two days were foggy and cloudy and the temperature would reach low to mid sixties. You still needed a jacket which was always good. Tonight is cloudy but I am not expecting rain until the weekend. I think last year we had a spring Nor Easter.

Work is going well. I have been able to get the daily stuff done even though the mailman has been late with the building mail. Gayle wants me to count all the mail every piece of it including the campus mail. I am to keep track of it to show as proof that we or I need help with the mail.

DGiordano returned to work after a brief medical leave. She needed foot surgery and today it was bothering her (well apparently she did not rest it completely). I really missed her. They had a breakfast for her on her team. They also had a piñata…

I had a brush with Sports History

Anyone who is following the NCAA Woman’s Basketball Tourney will probably know this team. On the way to Debra’s office I noticed two Academy Travel buses in front of Omni Hotel in New Haven. There were a couple of signs I didn’t recognize but on one of them “cheer squad”. I figured there was a cheerleading competition coming through. How Cool right? Well it turned out to be the Kansas State Woman's Basketball and Cheerleading squad. They were gathering outside the hotel with onlookers and state trooper escort and had a little set. The coach came out and waved and then got into the car and they took off. It was not until I got to the next corner that I realized they were in town to play the UConn Lady Huskies. I heard a couple of the hospital workers talking about it in the restaurant earlier today. The game is at the Harbor Yard Arena as I write this and it looks like the Ladies are winning. Noah Fins from Channel 8 confirmed it.

Before walking away from this very exciting scene (…

This Morning

On the way into work this morning I was listening to this report and man it was really making me uncomfortable.It sounded gross and really uncomfortable.I couldn’t stand to listen to it anymore.I feel terrible for the woman in the report and for all the patients that have to go through this.It also explains all those hip replacement legal ads that have been on TV, Radio, and the internet.
I don’t have a hip replacement-yet but I wonder if one day I will have to considering I have problems with my hip.It happens now and then.IF I lie on it or every so often I may bang it.Will have to see how it goes.
I can’t believe I woke up late but still manage to get out the door after 7:30.Unfortunately I was in the office after 8.GC saw me but has her own issues to think about.
The volume of the mail is pretty good for Monday but then again since we changed the lockbox location from Hartford to Boston it usually is light.It does cause problems for others.
I talked with Mom this morning she was j…

What's going on?

In the last few visits to blogspot or Blogger, I would check out the various profiles to check out the blogs and the first ten were profiles of guys. It was more of profiles instead of actual lists of blogs. I am so not interested in dating is this what Blogger is becoming? If it is I really don’t want it. It took me a while to find other members blogs.

When I search I want to know about their lives or their interests. I don’t necessarily want to see just photo blogs I want to see writing and granted I have seen some with both. I don’t necessarily want re-hash of articles or full on political believes because I just know I won’t be able to change their minds and they won’t be able to change mine.

I want to know what makes them happy and what makes them sad or their emotional sides. I want to know how they resolve or make it through the day. I also need to remember to open myself to new ideas.

Over on Livejournal many changes are going on there as well. Just recently administration a…

I just realized

I have been sitting here and realizing there is so much I need to do: I have a Hard copy address book to revise and update (just did two of them today). I have bills to pay even though they are not exorbitant. I have a meeting or two to prepare for this week. I have laundry that needs to be done and I don’t feel like doing any of it.

I also have to write my travel log from last year’s trip to Canada. I never did it. I have taxes to do and yep you got it don’t want to do it. I have files on here that need to be updated and don’t know where to start first.

I had a good time with M&T last night. We were in a quieter part of the restaurant but quite frankly it was a pretty quiet night all around. We each had something different for our entrée and it was good. I started off with a shrimp cocktail and then a salad and then lamb stew I finished the meal with a key lime pie. The only few things that were unpleasant were some various comments that M made that I found to be inappropriate. I…

A Beautiful St Patrick's Day

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a great St Patrick’s Day. Mine has been quiet this afternoon but the morning I was at work. I didn’t leave here until after 7:30 so I was rushing to get to work. The cat was fed and played with for a short time and by 8:15 I was at the office.

I wasn’t alone there at the office many others came in as well but stayed only a short time. I spent the time doing the readdress mail and the postage tallies, and managed to get the lobby mail opened and sorted. I was there until 2:30.

It is amazing the difference a few hours make. When I left this morning it was cold and raw and cloudy. By the time I left it was sunny and nearly 60 degrees out. Actually it has maintained 58 degrees right now. I think its not getting any hire.

Since I have been home I got to chat with neighbors, watched TV and relaxed. Mom tells me we are going out to dinner with M&T to Scribner's Restaurant for Corned beef dinner later. Mom is at church and will be hom…

Family News

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. Last night I am sure you had heard or read about the terrible Tornado in Dexter MI. Well I have a cousin who lives there with his wife and we were concerned that they may have been affected by the weather. Happily I spoke with them this evening for a short time and they live 2 miles outside the town and are fine.

Tonight I found out that my Dad’s remaining sister RM and her husband will be moving from their home in Chantilly VA (the home I have ever known them to have) to Texas where their youngest daughter and her family live. I am floored. I had emailed her bright and early this morning when I heard the news about Dexter and wanted to tell them (calling them at 6:30 in the morning not the best thing to do).

I found out my cousin CAE (on Mom’s side) has moved from Texas to Florida with her family. I actually read her Facebook posts and Mom confirmed it this evening. She has the address from DH (CAE’s sister). I hadn’t realized that her childr…

i am very tired

I am going to make this short as I need to go back to sleep because of all that I need to do in early morning. I got a lovely call at 9:15 from M&R and I actually thought it was 4 in the morning. I also thought my phone’s clock was off. Clearly I was tired. I actually went to bed about 2 hours ago.

My day started off slowly. I didn’t want to get out of bed at all but I rushed and got ready and was still late. I was late with every thing. The cat was fed late; I was late for work. The best part about that the lock box was waiting for me.

We were introduced to the newbie starting on Monday. She seems very nice. I was on the phone she was introduced to me at first and I felt awful. So as GC was escorting her out I shook her hand and said hi again.

The priority stuff was done in record time. I was able to work on low priority a little more today. DK was scrambling to make sure things were off her desk by the time she left for long weekend. JanetN’s Mom was admitted to the hospital las…

March 14, 2012

For the second day in a row there was an accident on the highway. I ended up being late for work. I had gotten off in West Haven but before the location of the accident and took the back roads (or secondary roads). I didn’t actually start working until almost 8:30.

The upside to all this was the fact that the volume of the mail both in Lockbox and the Post office and the lobby mail was very light and I was able to finish it all before 3 pm today. I did work on low priority stuff too. TonyF stopped by and apologized for the books he ordered coming all at once.

AT Lunch time DK and I went for a walk to the lunch vendors over at the hospital. It was such a beautiful day neither of us wanted to go back. But we were strong and returned. Besides both of us had lots to do before we left for the day.

Some news we did receive today about LG. She spoke to HR yesterday and it was agreed that she would be given a Medical leave. Some feel that LG should have taken it a long time ago. Now GC has a…

I had a few stressful moments today

It started bright and early this morning. I was at M&R’s house and the key and/or the deadbolt were not working. I thought for sure the key would break off in the lock. I think I am going to suggest to them they either get a new lock or door. I was cussing my brains out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors heard me. Anyway I have decided not to lock the deadbolt.

On the way to work there was a bad accident between exits 41 to 42 on 95 north heading toward New Haven. It made traffic slow. It involved 2 tractor trailers and two cars. There were a number of state troopers and emergency vehicles around too. I got to work a little late but my intention was to get there early. But then I chatted with Mama Joanie for about 20 minutes.

Work went well despite the fact that lockbox was given to me by 10 and the Post office mail after 11:30. I don’t feel right having to go and get the mail or asking if it is ready from LP because she has so much going on. She is either working on the p…

Today Flew By

I did wake up when I wanted to but because I had gone to sleep late I decided I would stay in bed until my regular time (that being six) I got up and got on the net and then got ready for work and then went and fed Junior.

I got to the office on time and started to get my coffee. I noticed around 8:30 the mail was ready to be picked up and so I started it. I worked on it until about 10:30 when I figured the Post office mail would come. It didn’t come until about 11:30. That sort of threw off my time frame. I stayed until a little after four to finish the post office mail and what was left over of the lockbox and delivered it. I still have to get the lobby mail I can do that in the morning.

LG came in an hour late-she didn’t realize she had to change the clock. I am serious that’s what she said to Janet. The woman has been living in CT for how freaking long? She has been alive for how freaking long? When she walked in AL was behind her and she gave us the heads up that LG was not stea…

This time change is

It is after 8 pm and I am so tired. This is ridiculous. I have been through time changes before. Why is this one so different? It could be the fact I slept a lot and had a migraine. Oh and silly me told Mom I got sick last night. She wants me to review all the foods I had in the last few days. Actually that’s not a bad idea. I haven’t written in my Health Blog in a couple of days.

I have not been overly successful at emptying out my inbox of late. I would get only a few done at a time and then more would come in. Some of the emails I don’t save as they are alerts for various aspects (schools, the DTC, stuff like that). I just don’t feel like moving them or logging them into the various places I think they need to go.

Church was good. I managed to get there on time. I also noticed that the church leaders moved the chairs the priest and deacon usually sit from the right side back to its original place under the crucifix and behind the alter. I am not sure why it was left to the right si…

Cleaning Day

Today I am making a concerted effort to get this room in some sort of order. Mom asked or hinted or encouraged me to have an open door policy. I looked at her and said working on it. Right now the door is open but still has stuff on the floor. I have a couple of loads of laundry going.

My day started around 7 or 8 (with the time change not so sure). I went and fed junior and went to bingo. I had breakfast and chatted with one of the Residents JC. It can be a struggle because of many factors. She is getting older and is very demanding and slightly on the nosy side. NatalieM came in today and kept busy with paper work. She did tell me she would be out on a mini medical leave because she is having surgery on her foot. She may be out for a few weeks. I ended up with the regular 10 or 12 players and we did very well. We played until 11:25. I didn’t leave the facility until 10 of so I definitely didn’t go to church.

I got back to the house by noon and talked with Mom. Since I have been home…

I got to see my little ones yesterday

Yesterday was the Milford St Patrick’s Day parade and N 1 was marching in it with the Knights of Columbus. Unfortunately I could not be there for that because I was working. The upside to it I got to see two of my little ones today. A & N3 were there to cheer their grandfather on. I also got to see Jr & his wife as well. There were some friends as well. The J-man was with his Mom and baby bro. I went over around 3 and stayed for an hour.

According to the reports the parade was a huge success. Mom didn’t go but I really wasn’t expecting her to go. She can’t stand for long periods of time and it had been very windy out for most of the day. When I got home from L&N’s she was at church.

Today was also the day I started watching Junior for the next seven days. She was aloof. She has a new spot in which she rolls around to be greeted. It used to be on the rug in the middle of the floor but apparently they moved the rug to the front door.

Work went well. I managed to get all of …

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your day was as pleasant as mine. I managed to get the mail done early so I could get some other stuff done. I do have to go to work tomorrow to get more of the non priority done.

I was chatting with a co-worker who is also a union steward at lunchtime and when I told her how I was doing she started questioning me about the postage/bad addresses. When I explained to her what had to be done she said that is important. I looked at her and said My Boss told me those were not a priority. When I told DK and Momma Joanie they both had agreed its not her business or job to decide what is important or not.

I had a really neat experience this morning driving on the highway. I noticed four hawks flying over head. It is usually just one or two but it was clear they were looking for something. Usually there is only one flying around at a time.

Mom has literary club tonight so I was on my own for dinner. It was a bowl of cereal and peanut butter. She should be home in…

Won't be going to the Meet and Greet

I have decided not to go to the Meet and Greet for Susan Bysiewicz on the 18th. I had a discussion with mom and she reminded me that we are supporting Chris Murphy. The email from TM reinforced that. Chris Murphy’s plans and ideas are better suited for the party more than Susan’s. She also played some inappropriate games with people at the last convention a few years ago and the party just doesn’t trust her much.

Mom is not feeling well still. She was already in her pajamas even before I got home. She is trying to find stationary for Justice of the Peace supplies and can’t find them. She is just watching TV downstairs. She also has been critical and nagging at almost every turn. I asked her about our friend N’s family. She couldn’t quite hear me nor understand me and she was lecturing me on being patient. When you look at me like I have two freaking heads it’s frustrating. I fucking speak clearly. It gets to the point where I start to stutter.

I am going to do some more laundry before…

Windy Thursday

It is supposed to a very windy day today.It started when I got up.I was taking the garbage out and noticed it was windy even for 6 am.
I took my time getting ready for work today.I got online and did some banking, moved some emails around and got rid of a few of them.I posted in my Computer Blog and not sure it made a whole lot of sense.
I still have to write in my NCIS blog so much went on this past week but some of it was unpleasant and I just didn’t want to get into it.You know the normal fan stuff.
There must have been an accident or something near the office because I noticed one of the lamp posts had been knocked over and some blockade at the corner.There were no messages anywhere yet and I don’t think this would be on the news.
I was chatting with GloriaO and she had told me that LG was acting very weird yesterday.I explained she has a lot of issues (yeah I know not my business) and that it was all coming to a screeching halt soon.
When I got here I was completely shocked to …

Did you see that full moon tonight?

It was the most beautiful full moon I have seen this month. Several hours ago it was really big. The clouds around it made it look like it was in a spot light. If I had walked to the beach I bet it was beautiful over the sound.

After getting the priority stuff done by 4 I got ready to go home. I walked Momma Joan downstairs and waited until her ride came. It was almost 4:20 when I left the garage. The drive home was a bit slow.

When I arrived I saw my girl Lilly outside but no sign of Daddy. He actually was coming out of the house when I came to the door. I guess mom and he were still talking about the pump station and all that will entail.

Mom hadn’t started dinner yet. It was going to be stuffed peppers and beans. We both were not ready to eat so we did our own thing. I watched Ellen DeGeneres and NCIS and Mom got into her pajamas and did work.

After dinner I continued to watch NCIS and got on the computer. Mom fell asleep in front of the TV until 9 when she went to bed. I can see …

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

God the anticipation is killing me!As I mentioned earlier today we would find out LG’s fate.As of 10 am this morning nothing has been indicated.We (LG and I) spoke briefly when she came in.I have noticed she is keeping mostly to her self.Only speaking with a few who asked about her.
It looks like there is another retirement party being planned this time for JeanT.She is a wonderful Scottish woman.She has been here 11 years.It’s going to be at Anthony’s Ocean View Restaurant.It is going to be in April and buffet style.It is also cash only.
I have noticed this is the second or third event only accepting cash.It leads me to wonder if they were having trouble cashing checks for people.It makes me a little nervous because it also leads to my thinking it was my checks.I asked one of the coordinators and they said it was just easier to handle the money instead of the checks.
At lunch time GC and I walked to Shubert to pick up tickets for a show.GC hadn’t been feeling well and we just took o…

Today is D Day

Morning everyone! I have been up since 5:30. I can’t believe I actually got up but the alarm on the clock radio is wigging out on me so I am thinking of putting it back in the guest room. I can use the cell phone alarm clock.

I had a pretty good sleep. I think I got up only a few times to make bathroom runs. Unfortunately the toilet kept running. It does that from time to time. It is the chain that connects to the tank plug. It gets tied up with it self.

I am still limping on my left foot this morning but not as much as before. I am hoping it will be better by the afternoon. I am not sure what it is but I don’t want to go to the Doctor for it.

Today is the day we find out what happens to “Milk Woman”. She will be given the option of resigning or being fired. She called out sick yesterday and as others have said its just prolonging the inevitable.

Mom has to be up soon she is going back to Hartford for more hearings so I need to get a move on.

The meeting was successful

I am really tired right now so I am going to be quick about this. Today was a pretty busy day. The mail volume was consistent as in past weeks. I wasn’t sure I would finish it as we had a late afternoon staff meeting (that wasn’t terribly long). I wasn’t able to get to the lobby mail but I am hoping to get to that.

All my Girl Scout Cookie suppliers are bringing me my orders this week. CD brought me a few boxes today and I am expecting more by the end of the week. They are not leaving the office. 

The Meeting went well last night there were other issues such as the John Downs House on North Street. The Hospital bought some property and has a couple of buildings that buffers on the historical district of the town and neighbors are not happy. Anyway the way the meeting went Mom was afraid we missed our opportunity and we didn’t (I think there was a special hearing to be held before the regular meeting). Many people came out to speak in favor of the pump station. The Board voted and pas…

A Pretty Good Sunday

I had a pretty good Sunday.I was really glad to be back at the nursing home and I really missed everyone.I had ten residents for bingo and it went pretty smoothly. The Eucharistic Minister from Christ the Redeemer Church gave out communion and then we continued playing.We played until about 11:30.I didn’t leave the facility until 12.I stopped and talked with gang outside.
I decided I would go to the 4:30 mass at St Mary’s and headed home.Mom was in the shower and not feeling well. So she took it low key but she was difficult at times.
We had the wake for our friends’ mom around 2.We met up with the Mayor and a few of our DTC friends.We didn’t stay long.There were photo collages and video but no casket.
We were back at the house a short time later.Once we got home Mom relaxed until some friends came over and I got ready for church.
The parking lot at St Mary’s was so full I had to park behind the school.I found out later their annual Basketball tourney started this past weekend and t…

I feel the same way as

Bright and early this morning I got a Google alert for journal writing. I had set them up a long time ago to see if I could get tips and ideas on how to write my journal entries and not sound boring. Most of the time I just leave them in the inbox and put them in my journal entry files to be read later. Today I actually read the one this morning. I couldn’t help but think that I felt the same way this guy does. I don’t know if he had any tips on how the author writes but I may have to read it again. I some times wonder if what I wrote makes sense or is interesting. I am constantly thinking of ways of writing a better entry.

Dinner last night was delicious but late. I was very frustrated with my niece D and her some what of her attitude and of course Mom trying to listen to everything and commenting that she can’t hear everything. She has Neuropathy. Anyway, D was saying that when EOP watches TV and sees’s the ads for every ailment possible she would say “I got that”. It sounded like s…


Today was supposed to be the Mardi Gra Carnival at the nursing home but because of the GI outbreak/quarantine it was decided that we would put it off. I called Thursday or Friday and left two dates for Natalie to pick and then we would have it one of those two dates. She wasn’t in so I have to get back to her on Monday.

I was kind of glad the carnival was cancelled because I still had the ‘non-priority mail’ to still do. I have to remember to keep the dates clear so that I can be at this carnival. I hope she picks the one in March.

The sun was starting to come out as I left the office. The temperature had risen a little bit. By the time I got home the clouds were gone and it was getting warmer. It is now 51 degrees out.

I got a chance to see my little girl Lilly this afternoon. She is completely healed from her procedure. D didn’t want her to jump much during her recovery because the sutures were inside and if they should rupture she could have had internal bleeding and die.

Mom came …

Days like these

It is after 9:15 in the morning and I Have been here an hour.It is a rainy Saturday and days like this during March remind me of Ireland.I have never been to Ireland myself but the pictures I have seen make it feel like Ireland for me.
My plans to get up early and get some chores done didn’t happen.It was nearly 7 when I got out of bed and so I had to rush around and get ready for work.
I am not sure how many are here but I checked in with SR and went back to the office and started working on the readdress mail.I have made another sizeable dent in it and I hope to have more done by the time I leave here by 2.
Niamba asked Lee-Ann about LG and she hasn’t heard anything but said that LG has a lot of neurological problems that affect everything and what we may think is drunk could be something neurological.It certainly opened my eyes.However, I get the feeling when a few people are told this they won’t be as open to that idea.
Mom is having lunch with her friend today.They go to the sam…

Glad today is over

It has been a cold and raw day all day. There was a light snow shower near the end of the day. Right now it’s now doing anything but really cloudy.

The drive into work was okay and it seemed to me that everyone was taking a long weekend because I had no real trouble getting to work. I got to the office by 8. Many on my team didn’t arrive until after 8.

DK was in a quandary for a good couple of hours. It mostly over a problem she was having with one of the accounts she was working on. SR sent her an email that annoyed her. On top of that she also had jeans on. She asked me to go with her while she picked up some clothes at the hospital. She felt better once she got changed.

LG returned from her three-day suspension. She spent most of the day working and occasionally talking. She had a lengthy conversation with EH and I asked EH about it. I probably shouldn’t have but I did so there. EH suggested to LG that she think about going into rehab and get some help. EH made some really good poi…
You know the old saying…”In like a lion…out like a lamb’ well today was no exception. It was rainy, wet and cold. It rained on and off all afternoon as well. It caused accidents all over the place. I had read on the social networks such as twitter there had been snow in various places and pictures to prove it.

Work went okay. GC treated me to breakfast and we both had a SEC sandwich. They were very good but mid morning my stomach felt heavy and very uncomfortable. It continued even after my walk to the bank so I could get lunch money. We ordered lunch from Abate’s restaurant. I had eggplant and that was very heavy as well. It wasn’t until I got home that it started feeling better.

Today was Mama Joanie’s first day back on full time. She spent it doing the scanning and was exhausted by the end of the day. It was great having her back to full time.

Tonight Mom went to dinner with her friend Mimi. Before she left she made tuna casserole for my dinner. I had it around 5 and it was delicio…