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Cleared the Air sort of

When I got home from the Partylite Demo I asked Mom if there was some thing wrong. She finally told me that she feels I am coming from a place of anger. I denied it at first and later on in the evening I had a longer talk. She feels I get overwhelmed with things and that I don’t deal with the anger well. I told her so many things and felt that I can’t begin to write them here. She was a little dismissive on some stuff (She thinks that I get offended at things that are not really there). To me that is judgmental basically calling me delusional. She thought everyone was shocked and disappointed or whatever at me getting upset over the phone ringing. She is so not right about that I explained three different ways. I kept telling her you couldn’t hear the phone ring and I did and I was running to catch it and I was clumsy.

So now things are good for now. It is the same as always she will never see it as what she contributes she will probably never see things the way I see it but I did tell her I am tired of people trying to contain me

The Partylite Party was a lot of fun. I left the office by 12:15 and was at CD’s half an hour later. I had no problems finding it until the very end. CD had to come out and wave for me to find her. I met her Consultant and more of her friends. CD served chips and dip and vegetable platters and spinach bread. Yeah I had it all. I drank water though and I think that helped on some level. CD’s apartment was beautiful and big. Its one floor and roomy and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it (recently read some mixed reviews of it). I didn’t buy or order any of the things at this demo (we don’t really use aromatic candles in the house). They are beautiful but I am not sure it would go with our d├ęcor of the house.

I saw Neighbor Sylvia when I got home. We hugged and talked and she began to cry. I held and told her things from the heart (but doesn’t always help) like Mom is not in pain anymore, she is always looking out for you. There is a Memorial/Celebration of Life tomorrow afternoon at Orangewood Condos in Orange/Derby area. Mom and I will be attending. Sylvia thanked me for the card I sent.

I managed to get laundry started and almost done but now it is nearly Midnight I am going to have to leave the two there. I am planning on getting up early to work on them. I am going to strip the bed linens and wash them tomorrow.

We had soup and bread for dinner while watching our regular PBS Saturday night line up. Yay the fundraising is over. For Now I am sure they will have another one in the next few months.

Well its time for me to hit the sack its midnight.


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