Did you see that full moon tonight?

It was the most beautiful full moon I have seen this month. Several hours ago it was really big. The clouds around it made it look like it was in a spot light. If I had walked to the beach I bet it was beautiful over the sound.

After getting the priority stuff done by 4 I got ready to go home. I walked Momma Joan downstairs and waited until her ride came. It was almost 4:20 when I left the garage. The drive home was a bit slow.

When I arrived I saw my girl Lilly outside but no sign of Daddy. He actually was coming out of the house when I came to the door. I guess mom and he were still talking about the pump station and all that will entail.

Mom hadn’t started dinner yet. It was going to be stuffed peppers and beans. We both were not ready to eat so we did our own thing. I watched Ellen DeGeneres and NCIS and Mom got into her pajamas and did work.

After dinner I continued to watch NCIS and got on the computer. Mom fell asleep in front of the TV until 9 when she went to bed. I can see the light in her bedroom so I would imagine she is either reading a little bit or just sleeping with it on. She was exhausted.

I won’t be far behind. I just had some milk and cookies and watched TV. I was waiting for the clothes in the dryer to finish drying. I did one load of laundry again but still have more to do. I made sure the waste paper baskets were all emptied for garbage day. I will have to make sure I am up early too. They have a habit of coming very early.

I can tell you my ankle and heel seems to be feeling much better than two days ago. If I stretch it just a little there is some slight ach but not to the point it was last night. I am afraid the cheese I had in the Stromboli today might agitate the joints again. Maybe it won’t because I kept drinking water for most of the day.

Okay I need to get to bed-now I am starting to nod off.