i am very tired

I am going to make this short as I need to go back to sleep because of all that I need to do in early morning. I got a lovely call at 9:15 from M&R and I actually thought it was 4 in the morning. I also thought my phone’s clock was off. Clearly I was tired. I actually went to bed about 2 hours ago.

My day started off slowly. I didn’t want to get out of bed at all but I rushed and got ready and was still late. I was late with every thing. The cat was fed late; I was late for work. The best part about that the lock box was waiting for me.

We were introduced to the newbie starting on Monday. She seems very nice. I was on the phone she was introduced to me at first and I felt awful. So as GC was escorting her out I shook her hand and said hi again.

The priority stuff was done in record time. I was able to work on low priority a little more today. DK was scrambling to make sure things were off her desk by the time she left for long weekend. JanetN’s Mom was admitted to the hospital last night. She was having pains and couldn’t breathe.

Mom had a visit from the Consumer Protection Agency of CT. They looked over the ‘work’ he did and they will be going after him. For one thing the guy didn’t have a license to do the plumbing. He didn’t have the valves at standard (reason for the low water pressure).

I talked with Liz she is fighting off a cold. I told Mom about it when I got home. Of course Mom winced and was momentarily worried. She always feels bad when one of us is not well. She could tell I was limping tonight. She also knows about my teeth.

Please keep my friends in your prayers tonight…


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