I feel the same way as

Bright and early this morning I got a Google alert for journal writing. I had set them up a long time ago to see if I could get tips and ideas on how to write my journal entries and not sound boring. Most of the time I just leave them in the inbox and put them in my journal entry files to be read later. Today I actually read the one this morning. I couldn’t help but think that I felt the same way this guy does. I don’t know if he had any tips on how the author writes but I may have to read it again. I some times wonder if what I wrote makes sense or is interesting. I am constantly thinking of ways of writing a better entry.

Dinner last night was delicious but late. I was very frustrated with my niece D and her some what of her attitude and of course Mom trying to listen to everything and commenting that she can’t hear everything. She has Neuropathy. Anyway, D was saying that when EOP watches TV and sees’s the ads for every ailment possible she would say “I got that”. It sounded like she was self Diagnosing or whatever you call it. D snapped at me about it. I was like you don’t talk to me like that. She thinks she is a health expert and she isn’t.

My Brother B was absolutely obnoxious. He spent most of the time working on papers and whatever else a professor does and only came out to eat and then all of a sudden disappeared without even saying he was going back to work. At one point we all suggested he get an assistant. I even had the gall to suggest he ask a Grad student from Yale to help. Do you want to know what his response was?? Who do you think is going to pay them?

If you thinking I didn’t enjoy myself you are probably right. I am sick and tired of my family and the arrogant attitudes they take. I am tired of translating for Mom especially when comes out sounding really silly (and I don’t mean cute silly).

We didn’t get home until 10 and by 11 I think I was in bed.

Today I am doing bingo and laundry and then going to a wake and then not sure what else is going on. I have a feeling for dinner we are having the chicken Mom cooked yesterday.

Well I better get going…Have a great Sunday.

PS the weather here is cloudy and might get some rain. We are supposed to have Mid 40’s here.