What's going on?

In the last few visits to blogspot or Blogger, I would check out the various profiles to check out the blogs and the first ten were profiles of guys. It was more of profiles instead of actual lists of blogs. I am so not interested in dating is this what Blogger is becoming? If it is I really don’t want it. It took me a while to find other members blogs.

When I search I want to know about their lives or their interests. I don’t necessarily want to see just photo blogs I want to see writing and granted I have seen some with both. I don’t necessarily want re-hash of articles or full on political believes because I just know I won’t be able to change their minds and they won’t be able to change mine.

I want to know what makes them happy and what makes them sad or their emotional sides. I want to know how they resolve or make it through the day. I also need to remember to open myself to new ideas.

Over on Livejournal many changes are going on there as well. Just recently administration announced the very popular “writer’s block question that would appear at the top of their first page will be going away and being replaced by other things. They also add on your front page if you will popular entries, popular communities and some other things. They do have news journals as well as they have a twitter page and of course Facebook pages with announcements and updates.

I have noticed some of the changes and updates and additions and I have to say I don’t mind them at all. However that being said I am going to have to read more of their updates and entries to better understand why others such as this guy and many others have been turned off and will that be a possible wake up call for the administrative staffs.

impromptu poll:

Q: Do you like the changes on Blogger?

  1. yes I do
  2. No I don't understand it
  3. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other
Please explain?