Family News

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. Last night I am sure you had heard or read about the terrible Tornado in Dexter MI. Well I have a cousin who lives there with his wife and we were concerned that they may have been affected by the weather. Happily I spoke with them this evening for a short time and they live 2 miles outside the town and are fine.

Tonight I found out that my Dad’s remaining sister RM and her husband will be moving from their home in Chantilly VA (the home I have ever known them to have) to Texas where their youngest daughter and her family live. I am floored. I had emailed her bright and early this morning when I heard the news about Dexter and wanted to tell them (calling them at 6:30 in the morning not the best thing to do).

I found out my cousin CAE (on Mom’s side) has moved from Texas to Florida with her family. I actually read her Facebook posts and Mom confirmed it this evening. She has the address from DH (CAE’s sister). I hadn’t realized that her children moved there either.

It looks like I will have to update my address book and contact page for my emails. I am finding it more important to stay connected to my cousins as the family dynamics are changing (getting older seems to do that).

My work day went pretty well. As you know I have been trying really hard to get up early so that I can at least get some things done and be able to feed the cat and get to work on time. This morning I was able to do that as well as get the car to the garage to be serviced and I managed to catch the earliest bus and get into work by 7:30.

I got the priority stuff done except for the lobby mail it wasn’t ready by the time I left so I am doing it tomorrow when I get into the office. I worked on the low priority stuff too. We also got more of those stupid Medical Society newsletters that comes out once a month.

On a very sad note a noted Physician and a man I worked for a short time before I started at Yale full time passed away this week. He was Dr. Howard M. Spiro. He was a Gastroenterologist and wonderful. PKJ came to tell me this news today. He was patient and kind and that’s what I will remember him the most.

I also found out that the husband of a former supervisor and co-worker passed away this month. He was 88 years old. I hadn’t seen CarmD since maybe her retirement ten years ago. I sent an email to TMJ this evening to see if she knew about it.

Well it is after 10 and I have another full day. I am planning on going to work after I feed kitty and then get some more things done tomorrow. I really need to get stuff done.