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March 14, 2012

For the second day in a row there was an accident on the highway. I ended up being late for work. I had gotten off in West Haven but before the location of the accident and took the back roads (or secondary roads). I didn’t actually start working until almost 8:30.

The upside to all this was the fact that the volume of the mail both in Lockbox and the Post office and the lobby mail was very light and I was able to finish it all before 3 pm today. I did work on low priority stuff too. TonyF stopped by and apologized for the books he ordered coming all at once.

AT Lunch time DK and I went for a walk to the lunch vendors over at the hospital. It was such a beautiful day neither of us wanted to go back. But we were strong and returned. Besides both of us had lots to do before we left for the day.

Some news we did receive today about LG. She spoke to HR yesterday and it was agreed that she would be given a Medical leave. Some feel that LG should have taken it a long time ago. Now GC has an interview with a casual from the IP in the morning to replace LG. This person has been in the pool for three years. We haven’t had much luck with people from the pool. There is one exception to this observation and that would be JN. She has been a god send.

I spoke with Mom today. She had her MRI this morning it went okay except for the ticket she got for parking in a handicap spot. She forgot her tag a home but she is going to appeal it. I say good luck with that one. We had lasagna when she got home from her meeting tonight.

Last night we all received an email from Jim but it wasn’t from him but the people who stole his computer. They have hacked into it and have sent virus infected emails. WE have agreed to just delete them. I hope one day it stops. I don’t know why they keep doing this (I suspect it’s the genius roommate).

Tonight was the Woman’s club general meeting. We had a representative from Lia Sophia jewelry show. If we order so much we will be get a discount and a percentage for our club. Her name was KristenS. By the end of the meeting I was thinking of getting some thing or two from Mom for Easter and Mother’s day. I spoke to Mom about it when I got home and she thought the prices were a little high but I wanted to do something for her other than flowers and plants.

I also had an opportunity to catch up with Telka’s kids. I hadn’t seen them in awhile and wanted just to chat and it was fun. We laughed about things and talked about all that was going on in our lives.

We got an issue cleared up with a girl who wanted us to write a letter of recommendation for her and volunteered with me three years ago for a year. We are not doing it. It was a definite no brainer. But I did tell the group we will have to be signing in the volunteer book at the nursing home from now on.

Finally Mom told me yesterday that Woody has woken up from his winter nap. She saw him in the back yard this week. I haven’t seen him but I did see my first rabbit of the year tonight.

Finally I need to ask you all to say some prayers for a dear friend of mine who is having a rough time this week. I just wanted to let her know she is being thought of tonight and every night and day.

Okay I am going to say good night now.


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