This Morning

On the way into work this morning I was listening to this report and man it was really making me uncomfortable.  It sounded gross and really uncomfortable.  I couldn’t stand to listen to it anymore.  I feel terrible for the woman in the report and for all the patients that have to go through this.  It also explains all those hip replacement legal ads that have been on TV, Radio, and the internet.

I don’t have a hip replacement-yet but I wonder if one day I will have to considering I have problems with my hip.  It happens now and then.  IF I lie on it or every so often I may bang it.  Will have to see how it goes.

I can’t believe I woke up late but still manage to get out the door after 7:30.  Unfortunately I was in the office after 8.  GC saw me but has her own issues to think about. 

The volume of the mail is pretty good for Monday but then again since we changed the lockbox location from Hartford to Boston it usually is light.  It does cause problems for others.

I talked with Mom this morning she was just waking up.  She had a memorial service to attend for one of the bible study members.  They were going to have a lunch afterwards and then she has a late Bridges meeting tonight.

She was absolutely thrilled that I saw Mr. Woodchuck (No not Leroy Jethro Gibbs aka Mark Harmon) in the back yard.  He ran in the door of the garage.  He made his first appearance last week or two ago.

For Lunch I had my Reuben Sandwich.  It was heavenly.  However, it will probably make my ankles and feet achier then they already are.  I have been drinking water this afternoon hoping it will limit the aches.

I am meeting with Debra after work and will tell her how the week went.  It probably be the same way it was the week before.  After that I still have to go to the card shop for the cards I want to get.

I hope the rest of the night will be quiet for sure.