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This was a long day

This was long day for me. It already started off badly because I was in such a pissed off mood with Mom to begin with. Although I don’t think I let on to her. This morning she noticed there may have been a problem. I just told her I was running late. That was the truth. However, I thought I could tell she was annoyed with from last night. I am not sure if that was the case or not but tonight’s interaction has reignited those feelings again.

I left her almost forgetting the “goody bag” she prepared for me. I came back for it and grabbed it. I didn’t check to see if the bags of cheese and vegetables were in it as she said. When I got to the garage I checked then and found out they weren’t. Mom and I talked about it when I got home tonight. I told her that I must have misunderstood you because I could have sworn you said they were in the bag. She got a little snippy with me.

When I got to the office I realized I left my ID badge home. I had to borrow mom Joanie’s all day long. It was so frustrating. It is sitting on my dresser next to the bed but in a few moments it’s going into my pocketbook.

I had a few minor irritations today. First off I didn’t get the bulk of the lockbox until 1 pm this afternoon. Luckily I had other stuff to do while waiting for it and it wasn’t a large volume that I couldn’t finish it in one day. I had sent something to the Institutional Planning and communication department twice in the last two weeks the first time via us mail and it came back then I sent it via campus mail-and it came back. I was so freaking frustrated that I wanted to scream. This really didn’t help offset my mood any at all.

Neither did not getting any mail from the lobby mailbox. We usually get something every day. I even asked MLillis if anyone brought the mail up and she said no. I made sure to tell JoelB and GC so they know what was going on. GC said not to worry about it.

Around 4 Mama Joanie and I took off for her home. She asked me a few days ago if I would be able to get her a ride home and as my schedule was free I was able to. The drive for the most part was uneventful. We stopped near her home at a restaurant around 5 and had pizza for dinner. I had her at her home by 6:15 we relaxed and chatted for a bit and then I headed home. Before leaving I called Mom to let her know I was leaving.

Like I said the ride home was uneventful even if I ended up in Stratford. I stayed on Route 8 father than I wanted to. I ended up near DO’s house. I called him quickly left a message and headed home.

When I got home Mom was watching TV. At one point she asked me why I left the cheese and stuff behind. This was where she got a bit snippy and I finally said in a low voice I am not tlking to you about this. In a normal angry voice I just finally said I have had it we are done. I don’t believe she heard me or I wouldn’t be in the house. I continued for another 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter what I said but it wouldn’t have done any good to repeat them anyway.

I spent the last few hours watching TV and getting online. Mom went to bed around 9:30 and I watched TV for a bit more. I managed to catch more of the March 5th Aldermanic Meeting where Mom and several of my neighbors spoke on the pump station. It was good.

I am now going to bed. I want to be up early so I can start the day early.

Good Night.


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