Today Flew By

I did wake up when I wanted to but because I had gone to sleep late I decided I would stay in bed until my regular time (that being six) I got up and got on the net and then got ready for work and then went and fed Junior.

I got to the office on time and started to get my coffee. I noticed around 8:30 the mail was ready to be picked up and so I started it. I worked on it until about 10:30 when I figured the Post office mail would come. It didn’t come until about 11:30. That sort of threw off my time frame. I stayed until a little after four to finish the post office mail and what was left over of the lockbox and delivered it. I still have to get the lobby mail I can do that in the morning.

LG came in an hour late-she didn’t realize she had to change the clock. I am serious that’s what she said to Janet. The woman has been living in CT for how freaking long? She has been alive for how freaking long? When she walked in AL was behind her and she gave us the heads up that LG was not steady on her feet (dizzy). I told EV (union steward and liaison looking after LG). I also told GC and she checked to see how she was. LG did work-very little and made a bunch of phone calls and by 10:30 was heading home. We are expecting not to see her tomorrow.

My session with Debra was moved from 4:15 to 12:15 because she had child care issues. I left the office around 12 and got there on time. I was so exhausted and then our session began. We talked about the week (memories of it were fading) but we also talked about work, budgets (I am getting a little concerned about mine). That also went by quickly.

After work I headed to Junior. She was okay. There was still some of her breakfast in the bowl but left a hairball on the floor. (Yuck!) I cleaned that and refreshed everything. I also emptied out the poop box. I had some pudding and then headed for home.

It was after 5 Mom was putting on her finishing touches of an apple pie recipe she got from the New York Times Magazine. Lamb chops and potatoes (roasted) and sweet potato roasted were on the menu. We wouldn’t be eating until 6 so I relaxed for a while watching NCIS.

After dinner Mom cleared the kitchen and then got ready for an event at the library. It was ‘Was your Mother from Ireland. The literary club went as a group. I am kind of sorry I didn’t go but I also was tired and a little achy. Mom got home about 8:30 quarter of 9.

I watched NCIS for the rest of the night and now I am going to update my health blog.

Have a great night.