Windy Thursday

It is supposed to a very windy day today.  It started when I got up.  I was taking the garbage out and noticed it was windy even for 6 am. 

I took my time getting ready for work today.  I got online and did some banking, moved some emails around and got rid of a few of them.  I posted in my Computer Blog and not sure it made a whole lot of sense.

I still have to write in my NCIS blog so much went on this past week but some of it was unpleasant and I just didn’t want to get into it.  You know the normal fan stuff. 

There must have been an accident or something near the office because I noticed one of the lamp posts had been knocked over and some blockade at the corner.  There were no messages anywhere yet and I don’t think this would be on the news.

I was chatting with GloriaO and she had told me that LG was acting very weird yesterday.  I explained she has a lot of issues (yeah I know not my business) and that it was all coming to a screeching halt soon. 

When I got here I was completely shocked to find LG here before 8.  Actually all of us were shocked.  Joanie and Janet were here before that too.  .  This may be the day her fate is decided.  Actually it may not…it is becoming the consensus that they (Admin/Union) will wait until her anniversary date next week to

I was able to finish the mail earlier than usual.  I spent the rest of the time working less priority stuff.

I had salad for lunch today…antipasto and mozzarella and tomatoes.

I talked with Mom earlier today she hadn’t been up long but she wasn’t feeling 100%.  I am worried about her again.  If I keep pestering her she will be aggravated. 

I talked with Liz and she and Nelson are fine but keeping busy.  She is thinking of taking the kids to the St Patrick’s Day parade in Milford on Saturday.

I was invited to a meet and Greet on March 18th in Stratford with Susan Bysiewicz.  I sent an email to TM and the chairman of the 4th District and asked them if they are going.

I have some things to do so I will say adieu to you.