Won't be going to the Meet and Greet

I have decided not to go to the Meet and Greet for Susan Bysiewicz on the 18th. I had a discussion with mom and she reminded me that we are supporting Chris Murphy. The email from TM reinforced that. Chris Murphy’s plans and ideas are better suited for the party more than Susan’s. She also played some inappropriate games with people at the last convention a few years ago and the party just doesn’t trust her much.

Mom is not feeling well still. She was already in her pajamas even before I got home. She is trying to find stationary for Justice of the Peace supplies and can’t find them. She is just watching TV downstairs. She also has been critical and nagging at almost every turn. I asked her about our friend N’s family. She couldn’t quite hear me nor understand me and she was lecturing me on being patient. When you look at me like I have two freaking heads it’s frustrating. I fucking speak clearly. It gets to the point where I start to stutter.

I am going to do some more laundry before the night gets too late. I don’t think could stay up anyway. I am getting tired as it is.