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Today is beautiful but Chilly

I woke up fairly early this morning for no particular reason but to enjoy some quiet time before the day started. I was able to see my daily requirement of wildlife out back (one rabbit near the edge of the yard). I played on the net and read some blogs I have missed for one reason or another.

Mom got up around 7 and got her day started. She had her wake up period and went on her computer for a bit. She is going to make dinner shortly before going to an afternoon concert and we will have dinner when she gets back.

I started getting ready for Bingo around 8:30. I was out the door by 9 and headed to DD for some ice coffee. My throat/mouth was excessively dry again and I just needed something to take it away for how long it would last.

I was at the Nursing home a short time later and chatted with the bingo regulars. Natalie was some where in the building and we had some time to catch up on stuff. Her parents came in for their annual spring visit. They will be here for a couple of weeks.…

Good Time

As usual I arrived far too early for the event. It was supposed to start at 10:30 and everyone was supposed to arrive at 10 am. I spent the time visiting my friends in the Recreation room and visiting Chef Phil in the kitchen. We caught up on news and events in our lives.

After wards I went back to the Recreation Room and went along with PJ to get residents unfortunately I didn’t get far. After visiting JM and BM I ended up coming back to the Recreation Room and sitting. My leg was starting to get tired. It was like this through out the two hours I was there. I also found myself a little light headed as I didn’t eat breakfast “AV” and T were great they helped me a few times giving me pointers and finishing up when I needed to rest or make a bathroom run.

We were pretty much finished by noon and cleaned up after 12. I gave T her plate and utensils from the hospital and headed home. I had the house to myself for about an hour and half as Mom came home maybe after 1:30.

Mom did some sho…

The Carnival is finally here.

After several cancellations the annual MYWC Carnival will be taking place this morning at the Nursing home. “T” emailed me yesterday and asked if I would be coming and agreed it will be for a couple of hours this morning. I have to be there by 9:30 I am thinking.

There is an event that Mom is volunteering at this morning where it’s a Volunteer bring your drugs day (ones that you don’t need or whatever). We will be both be out for the later part of the morning but should be home sometime after 12.

Mom is probably going to do shopping and I have laundry I am going to do and then I am not sure what will go on.

Overdue update

I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I have just not had much energy to do any writing. I have been still recuperating from the blood clot and I think that’s okay but my INR levels were a bit much and I have been taken off the Wafarin for the first couple of days. I saw the oncologist hematologist and he says my Anemia is very high. Which has probably caused me to be sleeping a lot I have also had bad abdominal cramps that don’t seem to have anything to do with my clot but he wants me to take an ultrasound this week. I see my primary tomorrow as well.

Most nights the abdominal cramps kept me up and I usually end up taking hot baths (that only work for a short time) I pretty much sat on the heating pad and it didn’t work either. The cramps seemed to lessen as the week progressed.

I talked with Liz and it would seem our 16 year old niece announced she is gay. She posted it on Facebook but I am not linked with them (for some reason “friended” isn’t recognized in spell-check)

Also Liz and …
Good Morning everyone! Do you remember when I mentioned on Tuesday I had hurt my leg? Well I did a lot more than that. I was afraid it was cellulititis and the pain was getting worse. I called the Doctor Wednesday and that afternoon he saw me. It wasn’t cellulites but he thought it might be a blood clot. He had me get an ultra sound and it was confirmed.

He sent me to the hospital immediately. I was able to drive myself but as I was driving I made all the calls. I was at the ER by 4:30 and BIL was there with me. A short time later I was put in an ER bay and hooked up to heparin and heart monitor. I had the ER doctor was a bitch. Liz came after awhile and then Mom did too. While I was in the ER I had to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. THE ER Bitch didn’t believe me when I said I know I am not pregnant. I was in the ER until 10 and then moved to the third floor room. Mom had gone home by 8:30 because I wasn’t sure how much longer we would have to wait for the room.

For the next four days …

Went Back to work this week.

I went back to work this week and it’s exhausting. I had some help in the morning to finish the mail from Thursday. It wasn’t a lot but it helped just the same. My voice was horse for most of the day but people were happy to see me and were glad to have me back. There is a lot of mail that I still need to get through for the “lower priority” and the postage tallies but JanetN was and is a trooper.

The only thing wrong today was my right leg was hurting. It happened yesterday morning stepping into the shower and the bathmat slid and I went with it. I didn’t fall but I must have pulled some major muscles because it hurt walking from the garage to the office. Short walks didn’t bother me but the long ones did. I have taken ibuprofen and Mom put one of Lidoderm pads on my inner thigh (I don’t know where to put it anyway). I am hoping that it will help.

I finally got some sleep last night. I tried the lemon juice and honey cough elixir and it seemed to work. I took it a few times and still…

Easter 2012

It is a sunny low 50 degree Easter Sunday morning. Mom and I did some chores (actually she is probably doing more of the chores than I am) because both of us are still not feeling great. We are not doing much except for steaks for dinner. Sis and hubby went to my nieces’ house for dinner. Sis was going to stop by for a visit until she found out both of us was sick. Brothers are both doing their own thing.

The rest of the day I spent either watching NCIS marathon (aka sleeping0 or online doing some banking. I still have the taxes to do but I just am not into it. I hope to be by midweek.

Mom spent the afternoon reading and relaxing (which is good for her I think). She got dinner ready around 6. Dinner also included spinach lasagna and zucchini.

I was saddened to hear the news that iconic journalist Mike Wallace died this morning. He was 93. It was posted on a few places and of course both CBS site and Fox News (where his Son Chris Wallace is main staple there) had articles. I was tryi…

Easter Saturday

It is Easter Saturday. It is 62 degrees out and there is a coastal flooding alert posted for the shoreline until tomorrow sometime. There are no clouds, no rain but I am guessing with the full moon last night and probably tonight it will be cause for concern.

I had a hard time sleeping last night and did have a coughing fit but it seemed different. Unfortunately my voice is playing hide and seek. The meds have been taken and I don’t know what to do.

I did some cleaning but ended up taking more naps.

We had crab quiche and crab cakes which I enjoyed.


I hope all of you are enjoying your Easter/Passover Celebrations. I have been just taking it easy. Despite Mom’s wishes I need to start getting active again. She feels I am resting too much but when her friend Mimi said that I am doing all that should be doing to get rid of the bronchitis she has backed off a little. I am resting (and beginning to get bored with that), drinking fluids, taking the meds. She is hoping I can go back to work on Monday. When Mimi heard that she hesitated and said it depended on how I felt come Monday Morning as the bronchitis could come back again. I told Mom later I am planning on going to work Monday and she just looked at me and said yeah I know.

Mom is making a new spinach lasagna recipe for dinner tonight she has been working on it for most of the afternoon. She isn’t happy with it but she says it should be okay to eat. Something tells me we won’t be eating until well after 7.

I talked with BIL Nel today. Liz was with the kids today and we were just t…


Hey it’s me…been out of commission for what seems like for ever. When we last met I was feeling chilled and out of sorts well that’s because I got a head cold and was out for a day and half last week came back Friday. Then during the weekend I got worse. Went out with M&R and couldn’t do anymore. I kept coughing and the nose blowing so the doctor had me get prescriptions on Sunday. My voice was non-existent.

Monday we went to the doctors and he wasn’t sure exactly what I had (between Bronchitis and Pneumonia) it was confirmed Tuesday that it was bronchitis after looking at the x-ray that I just taken. It seemed like for ever before he called back.

Most of the nights I haven’t slept very well I think it is has to do with the asthma. I was tempted to call him and ask for something more but figured I should just finish the antibiotic.

I have pretty much canceled all activities and have taking it low-key. Unfortunately Mom wants to go shoe shopping some time. I am not doing that toda…