Friday, November 30, 2012

I have mush for Brains

First off I started getting a little headache while I was at work.  I got some chips (those Special K healthy type chips) and it worked for a little bit.

I was in such a hurry to get to the IMM that I left my memory stick on my desk. I will get it when I get in the office tomorrow.

The ride back into town was a long one.  Traffic was slow heading south on 95 and I could hear reports of delays all along the corridor.  I could see the state troopers parked along the highway in obvious places. 

I got to the IMM on time and was triaged and then poked and it turned out very low (grr…). Now the dosage is 15; 15; 20 and return on Tuesday.  My finger bled harder this time than in the past.

When I left there I picked up my prescription plaquenil for the lupus.  I also picked up chocolate candies.  Godiva strawberry chocolate and Ghirardelli Squares assorted.

When I got home it was nearly five.  Mom was preparing Salmon, potato pancakes, stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes and it was delicious.

After dinner been watching TV I cried at the end of Charmed.  It was the Series finale and I cried just as much as I did the final night/day it aired on the CW.  The only thing is I think Henry (Paige’s husband) should have been with everyone the second Leo was returned from the “netherworld”.

The weather forecast for overnight and tomorrow is going to be very messy.  Light Freezing rain for the over night and from what I can understand it’s only going to be a day.

My head feels like it is going to implode.  I will see you in the morning.

Quiet Friday

It seems very quiet for the last day of Month End.  I got here exactly at 8 and a short time later I started on the lockbox.  It is fairly light but I am expecting more later.  If I get this finished soon I can work on the postage tallies until the second wave arrives.

I was a little stressed out last night before starting OT.  SusanR came to me to find out if I was behind in th mail and I told her no.  She says that FinanceJoel complained that the YHP was dated the 20th. I explained I got it from her but that I gotten that yesterday.  I went back to an explained to her why the big gap.  She seemed to understand but reminded me that if I am swimming to let them know.  I felt better by the time I started OT but I wasn’t pleased by my productivity. I scanned 10 batches in two hours.  The number of pages were 237.

I was home by 6:30.  Mom was already in her pajamas and just remembered the DTC meeting.  We had dinner right then.  Left over turkey tetrazzini.  She also made stuffed tomatoes and a couple of stuffed peppers with the leftover stuffing and cheese.  

After dinner I relaxed until the DTC.  I left for the DTC and made a stop for Hot Chocolate.  BIG MISTAKE.  I got to the meeting early and chatted with some of my fellow peeps.   As the meeting started there were definitely some rowdy people.  I made a comment and MFahey was questioning me.  I don’t think she was appreciative of my attitude but I explained it to her.  She was empathetic but realistic as well.

Once the meeting was over I headed home.  I told her when the DTC holiday party is (December 17th.  Afterwards I went upstairs and watched TV for a while.

I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.  I watched NCIS on line until it sounded weird.  That’s the reason why said it was a big mistake for me to have Hot Chocolate.

I woke up around 6 and got ready.  I had the TV on in the background while I got ready.  Mom was still in bed when I left.

Mail volume was light but I was busy all day.  I caught up with the return mail and was able to deliver some of the other floors’ mail.  Now I am just counting down the minutes.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Didn't want to get out of bed

I just didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  After eating the rest of the vanilla ice cream and watching TV until midnight I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up a few times during the night.  I am beginning to think I may have the sleep apnea and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start using the breathing machine again.

When I got up I got online and spent a good deal of time on it.  I was checking out the forums and I did some banking.  I didn’t start getting ready for work until quarter of seven and even then I took my time getting dressed.    

As i left it was after 7:30 and I even stopped to talk to Sylvia and  Boppy.  We talked about health, and the holidays.  I told her about the things that irritated me during the weekend.  Then I took off.

I got here exactly at 8 am and chatted for five minutes and got right to work on the lockbox mail and then worked on the postage tallies.  Then I worked on the post office mail and there wasn’t much.

I had my appointment with Debra. We discussed the holidays and work.  She gave me the same advice that  Sister Gerri gave the other day.  We will be meeting next Friday at our regular scheduled time.

I went to Subway for lunch before coming back to the office.  I found an email from JudyF asking for sit rep for the mail.  Unfortunately the mail system is down.  That made my stress level a little high.  However the daily stuff was done.   That allowed me to work on the postage and return mail tallies.

I needed the Oncology/Hematology number so that I could reschedule my appointment that I missed yesterday.  I called Mom for it.  She wanted to know and I told her but I just didn’t have a lot of time to explain.  They didn’t seem to mind either.  So next Wednesday I have my B-12 shot.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I managed to get a lot done today.  I finished yesterday’s and today’s mail and managed to spend from 2 pm to 4 pm working on the lobby mail that had five days worth of mail.  I had to stop and think about how many days and up to today its five days.   I was able to work on some readdress mail.  Mostly stuff that came in today (and they were symposiums or things the doctors needed within the next month.   I was working on the postage tallies for the 21st and I have to work on it tomorrow. 

I worked until 6 and for the two hours I scanned 756 pages of documents that counts out to 21 batches.  That may not seem a lot but it is time consuming and a lot to prepare them.  I scanned twice as much from yesterday. 

The drive home wasn’t bad.  It was quite light for a middle of the Christmas shopping season.  I was really expecting it to be very slow going.  I made it home by 6:30.  Mom had dinner waiting for me.

We had baked ziti with meatballs.  I loved it.  For dessert there was apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  There are leftovers for the ziti.  I suspect Mom will freeze those for nights when she has to come home late from meetings.

I am not sure but I think I missed my B12 shot today.  I had a reminder pop up but I didn’t go.  Normally I would get a phone reminder.  I didn’t get that either that’s why I need to check calendar/appointment books.

 Did anyone get to see the moon tonight?  It lit up the sky.  It was simply beautiful.  I was checking the weather reports for this week.  It will be cloudy for the next week.  We are supposed to get snow sometime mid week.  The news was talking about the weather on the West Coast.  There are several storms at one time hitting the coast as well as up to Idaho I think they said.

Well Mom went to bed an hour ago.  I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I am going to go to sleep now.  Have a great night.

Wednesday Mid Week Reflection

Every week the Journal-Writing list I belong to has “Wednesday Mid-Week Reflection and encourages the members to write in their journals.  Well since I do this (write in my journal) regularly I don’t always do this journal prompt.  Today I decided I would do it this week.

It has been a rather quiet week so far.  I have been working mostly and becoming a little overwhelmed with the work.  I am about a day and half behind in opening the mail I have received.  I couldn’t work on Friday’s mail on Saturday so I did it Monday and everything was moved back a day or so (or is it up?)

I had my INR/Coumadin level checked on Monday and it is rather low for me but apparently a normal level for everyone else.  I was supposed to be taking the Warfarin right after the oral procedure last week but neither the tech nor I knew this.  I see them again on Friday.

Last night at dinner I had a dizzy spell.  The entire room was spinning and at first didn’t say anything to Mom and I waited for it to pass.  It slowed down for a short time and then started up again.  I left the table and went and lied down.  It finally passed but it was really weird.

I haven’t started anything for Christmas.  I am hoping to get the card list written out and then mail them soon. 

The rest of the week will be quiet for except for a couple of meetings.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rain in the Morning Snow in the Evening

I woke up to rain this morning.  Others had snow on their way into work.  It’s cold and I would have preferred to stay in bed but that wasn’t going to happen.  By mid morning it turned to snow.  Milford didn’t get any but northern cities and towns did.

I managed to finish yesterday’s mail and started on todays.  I will have to finish it in the morning and then start on tomorrow's.  I still have the mail from the lobby and I am not sure when I can get to it.  

I got a lovely call from Gayle.   She is currently in the infirmary at the health plan recovering from her latest health issue.  I relayed her message to the team and it went well.  

I did scanning for OT.  I scanned 307 pages (or documents) and total of 16 batches.  I left at 6 and had a fairly good ride home.

When I got home our dinner was in the oven.  Mom was in her pajamas.  As I was finishing my dinner I had a few dizzy spells.  I walked slowly up the stairs (I think I scared Mom a little.) and it was happening again.  I finally laid across the bed and put the tv on and was fine after a while.

I went back downstairs and told MOm I was feeling better.  I came back upstairs and watched TV and did some web surfing.

I am tired now so I may not do very much now.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Laundry Night

I managed to finish Friday’s mail and deliver it.  I wasn’t able to do that for today’s mail.  I started with the post office mail first and still have to open and check for payments. 

I spent time with G Brown who is a minister and she gave me some pointers on how to deal with situations in my family. I will get it finished in the morning.

Susan R liked her card…she thought it was sweet. J

I left just a little before 4 and still got there at 4:25 pm.  I called to let them know I was on my way but I would be a little late.  They just can’t seem to budge on the time.  I have to go back on Friday.  It was low again.

I got home by quarter of five.  Mom was already in her pajamas watching CT-Now hearings and meetings.  We would have leftovers for dinner but not at that moment.

I watched TV for a bit and then we ate.  I got a load of laundry done and just spent the rest of the night either on the computer or watching TV.

The weather forecast calls for messy (read: snow and rain) commute tomorrow both in the morning and in the evening.  I am really glad I am not going anywhere tomorrow.

I saw David Yesterday

I left the house later then I should but I did get to stop at the DD near the nursing home.  I chatted with the picket line and then went inside.  Shelly was there and so was Matt we chatted.  Some of the residents were getting a little rowdy and I put my foot down.  I just said if they couldn’t behave they would leave.  As the morning progressed we had six or seven games but no coin for the games.

After the games I went to church.  I  was only a few minutes late but they were just finishing prayers between the two readings.  After church I was about to call Liz (I had the gifts that Claudia sent) but I got a call from Dave.  He wanted me to accompany him to Vinny’s Garden Center and run some errands with him and then we would go to the movies later.  We agreed to meet back at the house by 1:15.

After the call I called Liz and made arrangements to come over for a short time.  Chris, Audrey, Jason were tehre when I got there.  They were having Thanksgiving #2 that afternoon.  I spent time with them and then came home.  

When I got home told Mom what my afternoon plans were going to be.  A short time later we got a visit from Mike and Tessa and then Dave arrived.   Mom was having a really hard time hearing everything.  Dave thought he was speaking loud enough (he was speaking too fast as usual).  I tried to explain to her but both she and Tessa were dismissive.  That just aggravated me all the more and we took off.

For the next several hours we shared our litany of family stories and things that aggravated us.  We made stops at Yankee Candle Factory in Orange, then Bob’ Store, then we decided on Supper.  We went to Puerto Villarta Restaurant  Dave had a shrimp dish and I had frjitas beef and chicken.  We had something was large Guacamole served in mini shells...We had flan for dessert.  After that we headed to the mall.

The first place we hit was Macy’s.  Dave needed to get gifts for his niece and nephew.  He bought some stuff for himself (something I gave up on convincing him not to do).  I called Mom from there. That was a mistake.  She couldn’t hear me.  The rest of the store could.

Second place we went was Hallmark store.  I got a couple of cards.  The get well card that i was supposed to pick weeks ago for JWalker, a cute Birthday card for SRoddy (I handed it to her this  morning).  After that we headed to the theater.  I waited for him while he went to Target and to the car with our stuff.

We saw Lincoln.  It was great.  IT was a lot of fun trying to identify all the actors who I have seen over teh years in various shows, movies.  I also didn’t mind the incessant number of advertisements, behind the scenes segments, and the upcoming previews.  We were finished by 9:30 and home a short time later.  

I chatted with Mom who was already in her pajamas watching TV.  She had gone out to lunch with Mike and Tessa to a Mexican Restaurant in West Haven and had hamburgers.  I told her about the movie and how things were going for his family.  I went and finished watching the last part of the NCIS marathon.  Actually I didn’t watch the last full hour of it because I was tired and I wanted to go to bed.

Right now I am finishing up Friday’s mail.  I will be starting on today’s and finishing it tomorrow.  I am planning on leaving a little before 4 for my INR check up.  Then I am picking up my plaquenil.

I called Mom because she had an early morning appointment it was for her iron infusion.  I am not sure what else (Possibly the dryer repairman)

We have a DTC meeting this week but the rest of it should be quiet. I hope

In the mean time I need to get going....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am trying something.

Hey everyone, I am work right now.  I have been here an hour now.  I left the house just before 10:30 and stopped for breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts.  I got to the hair salon on time unfortunately my hairdresser was really behind.   She finally got to me by 11:20.  I was finished by 12:15 and got to the office by 12:20 and started working at 12:30.  While I was there I told a few people the things that bothered me about this weekend.  Jamie who doesn’t usually work on Liz’s hair heard me and understood.  I am seeing if it will get back to Liz and Nelson and see if they will say anything to me.

I was telling E Hamilton about the weekend so  far and she gave me the “let it roll off your back” and she also asked “well did you help?” and I said yes and she don’t worry about it.  So as far as she is concerned I am done but I am going to do the experiment.

If you think I am being vicious you are probably right.  I am tired of the same bs that goes on in my family and around me.  Do as I say and not as I do routine or “you are getting angry over stupid stuff”.

I called Mom to let her know I am working until 4:30 and be home by 5.  She was figuring out what to do about dinner and I reminded her I wasn’t going to be home and I think she was slightly embarrassed but I told her it was fine.  

She was working on this year’s enrollment for Medicare.  Then she plans on going to Mass at 4. 

Back to Regular Routine

Well Jim and the kids just left about 10 minutes ago but not before Jim giving me toilet bowl repair tips.  You see both the toilets seem to run constantly and he says 1) gently flush the toilet instead of hard. 2) Stick my hand over the rim hole.  He also suggested after asking Mom how to take care of the hose outside.

I was sitting here thinking that maybe Jim’s true personality is surfacing now that he is clean and sober.  Although he has been like that for a good long time now that I really think about it.

Mom is going to get ready for her day.  The Cable guy is coming to fix the cable box in her bed room.  It isn’t working.  It hasn’t been for a while now.  He did come earlier but had to come back.

I thought I would be leaving at 10:30 to get my hair done but it would seem Mom wants me to go and drop the gifts from Claudia off to Liz and Nelson.  Cool not going to happen.

Laid back Friday

Good Morning!  It’s 9:30 and the house is starting to wake up.  Actually I have been awake since 7 and out of bed by 8.  Mom got just about then and got her coffee and I emptied the dishwasher and she woke up.  Mom will be making waffles once everyone is up.

The tentative plans for the day are varied right now.  Diane and Ethel are supposed to come for dinner and a movie.  The movie choices are Lincoln and Life of PI.  Jim is having dinner with Bob’s friend Frank Cicone.  Liz and Nel might come by sometime. 

Hey guys…as I thought some plans changed.  Ethel was coming home around noon from NY while Diane overslept.  Ethel asked me to go open the back door for her assistant so that’s what I did. 

When I got back here Mom asked me to bring the kids over and visit.  I did but I am really annoyed with them.  They spent the entire time watching TV while Liz continued to get them to interact with the younger Morgan’s and they wouldn’t until it was time to go.  I made sure I was out there interacting with them and helping Liz rake.

Liz totally ignored Mom’s request to not feed them junk.  Liz was annoyed with me when I got an attitude.  Well fucking excuse me but Mom told you we just finished eating breakfast and that we would be going out to dinner.  Why the fuck would you do that?  They did have fruits and vegetables but there were chips also and it is the principle of the matter. 

If I had pulled the stuff like that you don’t think someone would say something to me?  I got news for you if we were going out to dinner with in two hours and they couldn’t eat because they stuffed food in their pie holes?

I told the kids I felt they were really rude.  I also told them Aunt Liz was also disappointed.    They were quiet the whole ride home.

We all met back at the house around 4.  Jim had already come home and he opted out of the movies.  Jim had met Frank C for lunch instead of dinner. 

We all chatted and decided to go to the 4:30 show of Life of PI.  We had very little time to get there but we made it.  The girls rode with me while the guys rode with Mom. 

Mom and the boys got there before us and paid for the tickets.  Rogier got us all refreshments while Diane waited for her Mom.  We got our seats and got our refreshments and 3-D glasses. 

There were lots of previews and some were three D including the re-release of Jurassic park.  Then eventually the movie was playing.  It was great.  I liked the effects and everything.   The only thing was at one point I was in need of going to the bathroom and I was afraid to go because of missing anything.  As soon as it was over I ran.

After the movie we came back to the house and ordered pizza.  I had a sandwich and while talking with Jim he “chastised me“  for inviting people to come to the house for dinner.  He claimed I wrote it on Facebook in the last few days.  I didn’t and he didn’t have clear proof.  He also contradicted me several times about things and you know what? I am done.  He and the kids can just go back home.

I didn’t even say good bye or goodnight to anyone I was either to aggravated or tired. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Good evening everyone I hope you all had a most wonderful of holidays.  We started getting our day started around 7.  Mom did cooking and I watched NCIS for some time and then I did some chores.

 As Noontime came Mom and I got the table set and got ready for our guests.  Mom’s friend Brian came around 2. a short time later Jim and the kids arrived.  While Jim settled in and chatted with Brian the kids and I took a walk along the beach and we stopped at the park for a bit.  It was rather busy there too. 

When we got back Rich was there talking with Jim and Bryan.  Everything was starting to get ready to be put on the table.  We ate a little after 4 and we were finished by 6.  We had Turkey, Roast Beef, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, creamed onions, and broccoli   For Dessert we had three different pies, apple, pumpkin, and coconut. 

Mom and I cleaned the kitchen and then when I felt there was no more to do I let Mom take care of it.  Besides the dishwasher was full again and needed to be sent through.  Jim and the kids all did their own stuff and then we started watching Polar Express.  Around 10 they went to bed and I am about to now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well I am home

I left the office in plenty of time.  Traffic was not in the least bit cooperating (what a shock Phelan!).  I got to the Eye appointment on time but didn’t get in until 3:15.  I had to call IMM and cancel today’s INR reading until Monday.  I was finished by 4:30 and everything is normal and I can continue to take the plaquenil. 

After the appointment I drove to Liz’s and spent time there.  They were getting ready to come here to give Mom flowers for thanksgiving.  They were here when I got home.

Before coming home I had to run some errands (dinner rolls for tomorrow).  Mom couldn’t hear me tell her where I was and that my eyes were dilated.  I finally picked up rolls from Trader Joes (Costco had run out).  After that I went to Card smart to get holiday cards and my dinner.  I had Chinese.  After some story telling Nelson and Liz left. 

Not before I gave a tap/hit to nelson because he can’t seem to stop his incessant teasing about me and cooking.  One of these days I am really going tear him a new one.  Liz reminded him of what he does and or doesn’t do around the house and what she does and does do around the house.

Mom is continuing to cook (I offered to help) and Mom said no.  I think she is done for the night but I am not sure (it’s after 9 pm now) and I have been watching TV.

Now that my eyes are returning to normal I am tired and I am going to bed.  I have things I need to do tomorrow.  Laundry early and helping Mom the rest of the day.

Major Panic Attack

Good News?  Today is pay day.  Bad News I had a mini financial crisis that I had to deal with this morning.  I should be okay but it was scary.

I left the house at a decent time and made it to work at decent time.  I walked in with Mama Joanie.  She has Neuropathy in her legs.  We talked about the financial crisis.  She reassured me that I will be okay.

Since being here I worked on the readdress mail (the medical journals) and I am almost done with them.  Since JudyF isn’t in today (early holiday) I reminded KathyB that I would be leaving early today for my appointments.  She kind of hinted that the whole floor will be gone including herself by that time.  We were joking around saying I need to help Mom cook.  NadineJ was there too and they heard my confession that I am a slob.

Around 9 lockbox arrived and it was small.  I wasn’t sure what would be waiting for me in Finance. My hope  that Courier Jack would come at a decent time was forefront in my mind.    I have a feeling I won’t be able to finish EVERYTHING by the time I leave (it would be nice).

I had a three cheese omelet with hashbrowns from Paula’s I ate it all.  I expect to have aches and pains with the cheese but for now go with the flow.  The coffee was Pumpkin flavored.  It wasn’t staying warm in my mug today but that’s what microwaves were made for.

After break time I called Mom to see what she was up to.  She was up and reading the paper when I left this morning.  Anyway, she was on her way out to do any last  minute shopping (whistling).

Courier Jack didn’t deliver the mail until after 11:15.  I was really getting anxious because I want to be finished with it by the time I had left today.  Except for the lobby mail and the postage tallies I had the daily stuff done.  The rest will have to wait until Monday.

Well its time for me to say Adieu for now. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crazy Busy

Today was crazy busy.  There was road work down the street from our street and it caused a back up (It was the Oyster river repair job).  The commute home was even nuttier. There was a traffic delay from Fair Haven all the way to West Haven and so I had to take the long way around.  I got home for dinner by 6:40.

When I did get to work I found lockbox waiting for me.  Before getting started I think I went and picked up stuff from ITS.  I spent the day working on the mail and got it done by 1:30.  I also worked on Re-address mail as well.  I made a dent in the Medical Society stuff.  From 2 pm until 6 I was scanning.  I have to tally the numbers to see how much I got done for Scanning.

Speaking of which I just wrote to Mardi about Friday, originally I told her that I might be working but I found out today that there is no approved OT for scanning only Cash posting.  There is approved OT for Scanning and Cash posting on Saturday.  That means the freaking mail will have to sit there until Monday.  Although Jim the courier did make a good point there won’ be a lot of mail because most of the places will be closed.

Around noon JanetN went home sick.  She just felt really nauseous.   I asked Annette if she was feeling lonely because she was the only back in the scanning area.  Joanie wasn’t feeling well and stayed home today.  Annette asked me about Janet and I told her.  She realized why I asked if she was feeling lonely.

It looks like we may have dryer issues.  It wasn’t drying very well.  I suggested to Mom to get the lint that has been collecting in the vent cleared out.  This couldn’t have happened at the worst time. 

It also feels like my cough is coming back I can hear fluid like in the chest.  I really would like this to be done with.  I may have to pick up the other prescription for Azithromycin.  I would like to not be sick for this holiday or any of the upcoming holidays.

Mom tells me that Jim will see the heart specialist tomorrow.  The doctor originally was going to put it off but changed his mind.  Jim is worried about it.  To be honest I am too.  I can’t go through another loss again.

I noticed many people have their homes decorated for the Christmas Holiday already.  I have a feeling most of them did it this past weekend since the weather was nice.  It will be a matter of time before everyone is decorated.

Well I am tired and I need to take some meds now and get into the sack.  I am leaving work at 2:30 for my eye appointment and for my INR.  I told Mom I would be home by 5 just the same.

Weird Dreams

Morning everyone I hope everyone had a good sleep.  I did even though I had some weird dreams about animals.  First one was a either woodchuck caught up in the tree and came into the house and then I was with people whom I knew but we were picking up a dead body and there were dogs around and some were not comfortable with the dogs.  I don’t remember much more because I woke up.

I have been getting email requests to join from many of my friends over the years and finally decided to look up the reviews.  They are mixed.  I don’t want to be spammed incessantly and I sure don’t want to pay for it.

I am probably going to work until 6 tonight.  I don’t have any appointments after work so I want to work on the re-address mail and hopefully help with the scanning.

I am hoping I can do some straightening up in my room before NCIS starts tonight.

Okay well I got to get ready for work.  Have a great day.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thought I lost

I was afraid I lost my license this morning.  I looked a few times in my pocketbook and didn’t see it.  I even looked around this heaping mess I call my room.  I couldn’t find it at all.  Having that knowledge I drove really cautiously all the way to work.  I shared “lost license” story with Gloria O and she reassured me I would find it.  Lo and behold after being in my office nearly an hour I had to go into my pocketbook and get something and found it in between my checkbook.  Of course I kept it in my pocket for the rest of the day until it was time go home.  It is currently in its rightful place.

I got to work shortly before 8 and chatted briefly with Janet and Joanie and then began working on the stuff on my desk.  First it was some of the mail, then the return mail.  I delivered the pile of checks that I had opened on Saturday and found stuff waiting for me to open. 

I worked on the mail all day until it was four.  I also did some of the readdress mail because I was getting really tired of it building up.  I worked on it until 6 and then left for home. 

I talked with Liz and Mom today.  Liz was just getting up from her busy weekend.  She went on a retreat and it wore her out.  We talked about how Mom seems to be doing (referring to the holiday without Bob).  I told her she seems to be okay and that she always gets a little busy at holidays anyway.

Mom was doing shopping and she bought an 18 lb turkey for $20.  She said she talked with someone who bought an organic Turkey for $100.00.  She is still on the look out for the roast beast.

It was just about 6:30 when I got home.  Mom was waiting for her ride to her Bridges meeting.  She had my dinner fixings on the counter and I got to them (I only had breakfast this morning). 

When Mom left I ate and watched the last half hour of NCIS, Charmed, and then I watched NCIS:LA and Charmed again.  I have been browsing the web also.  Mom came home by 9 and I am about to go to bed soon.

How was your day?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Successful weekend draws to a close

Another successful weekend draws to a close.  The sky is pink outside in the South Western sky.  It is partly cloudy and just 47 degrees.  It felt colder earlier but I am still not feeling my old self yet.

I left here around 9.  I went straight to the nursing home and chatted with my friends on the picket line who were trying to stay warm.  I went in and chatted with a few of the residents.    Gertrude B was being very uncooperative and swearing.   She continued to speak during the communion moment.  She came back much later.  We started bingo late but that’s okay.   Natalie and Angela came in to make soup for them and it smelled delightful.  I had an opportunity to speak with Natalie about her vacation and her family.  We didn’t have coin for the games so they had my “Undying love and gratitude”. 

After the games I headed directly to Telka’s house and we got started.  The girls were arriving as I was too.  I stayed with the section of the assembly line (Yay I remembered the name of it) that peeled and cored the apples.    Roberta got them from Bishops Orchard in Guilford.  They were huge.  They were called “seconds”.  Some of them I wasn’t that impressed with them.  Some had huge holes in the centers.  I think there were 160 lbs of apples so there may not have been a whole lot of bad apples.

We were done making the pies by 2.  There were a lot of apples left over that we made apple crisp for the shelters in town.  We did have refreshments as well.  We usually make two extra pies to try and they were good.   It was all cleaned by 3.  Some of the others finished the gift wrapping for the gifts for the nursing home. 

By the time it was all done I was tired and not really feeling well.  I suspect not eating all day and having the snacks only and having the penicillin on an empty stomach wasn’t helping.

When I got home Mom had just finished shopping.  I got the last of the groceries out of the car and went inside.  We both were having problems with our knees.  I took a nap and Mom got dinner ready. 

Just as we were sitting down to meatloaf and potatoes Jim called.  He says his doctor is concerned about his heart so he is sending him to a specialist.  Jim is a little worried.  As Heart problems are a HUGE issue in our family.  I think he sees the specialist this week before coming up for the holiday.

Speaking of the holidays I asked Mom about more of the menu and what the plans are.  There will be eight of us.  Jim and the kids will get here by 1 and dinner will start around 4 (we have always eaten then at holidays)  The menu will be Turkey, Roast Beef, creamed onions, string beans, broccoli, of course the dinner rolls, and pies for dinner.  I think that I will take the girls and James on a walk along the beach.  They usually like to do that and at some time we will see Liz and Nelson and perhaps Ethel.

For now I have some bills to pay so I am going to do that before I hit the sack for the night.  Have a great night!

Not doing very much this morning