Thanksgiving 2012

Good evening everyone I hope you all had a most wonderful of holidays.  We started getting our day started around 7.  Mom did cooking and I watched NCIS for some time and then I did some chores.

 As Noontime came Mom and I got the table set and got ready for our guests.  Mom’s friend Brian came around 2. a short time later Jim and the kids arrived.  While Jim settled in and chatted with Brian the kids and I took a walk along the beach and we stopped at the park for a bit.  It was rather busy there too. 

When we got back Rich was there talking with Jim and Bryan.  Everything was starting to get ready to be put on the table.  We ate a little after 4 and we were finished by 6.  We had Turkey, Roast Beef, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, creamed onions, and broccoli   For Dessert we had three different pies, apple, pumpkin, and coconut. 

Mom and I cleaned the kitchen and then when I felt there was no more to do I let Mom take care of it.  Besides the dishwasher was full again and needed to be sent through.  Jim and the kids all did their own stuff and then we started watching Polar Express.  Around 10 they went to bed and I am about to now.