Sunday, December 30, 2012

I should have taken the dogs out when I got back here at 2.  They left me a couple of packages in a couple of different places and I caught one in the middle.                             I took them out after they ate a while too and they didn’t want to go out.  I am sure they will leave things for me a few more times during the night.

I was supposed to get Swiss shredded cheese and instead I got cheddar.  Mom was not happy.  I told her I would get it tomorrow.  Now she is on her way to the wake.

Pack Suitcases
Walk Dogs
Go to the Store need to get Swiss shredded cheese.
Pack car
Feed dogs
Finish thank you notes

I have already emptied the dishwasher and will have the dryer emptied soon.  I am also watching the Star Wars Trilogy.  They have the one where Anakin becomes the Darth Vader we first met.  As soon as this is over it will be the original trilogy

The Sun Came out

The snow stopped and  there is anywhere from 5 inches to 1 Ft of snow on the ground.  The main roads are okay but the side roads need a lot more sun on it and higher temperatures.  I am at the house now.  I am just relaxing but I should be updating files and paying some bills.   I will be going back to the pups in about an hour.

Bingo went well.  They were all afraid I wasn’t coming in because I was fairly later than usual.  We had 14 players and this time we had prize money.  I gave each of the winners 25 cents.  They were happy.

After Bingo I went to the store and picked up the ingredients for the dip.  The store didn’t have Vidalia Onions so I got the next best thing.  Mom wasn’t too disappointed.  She has been writing thank you notes and I am not sure what else.  She might get to the wake.


It is almost 8 am I am heading into the shower to get ready for the day.  I have been awake since 6:30 and took the dogs out for a “run”.  Only one did something so I am expecting a package somewhere around here when I get back this afternoon.
This morning is church and bingo.  Then I have to get to the store and buy the ingredients for the dip Mom is making for me to bring to Dave’s party on Tuesday.  I will be there long enough to pay bills or a few bills.  Then I am coming back here to make sure things are in order.  My intention is to stop by here long enough to feed and walk them before everyone comes home tonight.

I have already got the dishwasher going and will empty that later.  I will look around to see what else needs doing.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pajama Day

The morning has been good.   I had some chicken pieces early in the morning and Preston had gotten to it.  I don’t know how much of it he ate but I was more afraid of the chicken bones more than anything else.  I did take it away from him and he did nip at me but I took him on my lap and “talked” with him.    It wasn’t his fault anyway-it was mine.  I should not have walked away from it or left it there.  He seems fine. 

For most of the day the dogs and I either slept or watched the NCIS marathon (and it strayed over to the Star Wars Prequels.  I took them out at 4 and then fed them around 5.  I made some calls and the last one was a little discouraging.

Mom was the last one for the night.  She thought I was coming home tonight.  I have told her a couple of times that it would not be until New Years Eve Day.  I was really shocked.  I wanted to make sure she understood I didn’t need the dip she is making until Tuesday.  That I was going out New Years Eve.  She was glad that I was not going anywhere tonight.  She said the roads were slick and awful out.

I have heard from Jim today.  It was about the I-Phone adaptor.  I told him I would mail it to him if he wanted it.  He does.  I told him I would have it out Monday or so.  I asked him about the snow.  I am just waiting on a response.

I think I am going to take the boys out one last time and then get out of the clothes and back into the pajamas.  Actually they are on under the clothes I am wearing.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Couldn't sleep

Well the boys are asleep right now.  I was in bed by 9:30.  I took the Tylenol and it seems to be working well.  I couldn’t sleep so I came out to the office and wrote stuff.  I have been surfing the net reading some blogs and of course the IMDB that I wrote about in NCIS blog. 

I heard from Olivia she was missing the boys.  I tried to take pictures but they were to blurry or dark.  I really wanted to help her out but it just wasn’t working.  Well she will be home Monday night she can see them when she gets here.

Mom says I can get the ingredients for the dip Sunday since I don’t need them until Tuesday.   So the only thing I am doing  tomorrow is the bank and then coming back here and laundry and start to inspect the house and make sure it’s in order for the family’s arrival Monday night.  I can’t access my to do list so here is what it will be tomorrow:
Walk the dogs
Thank you notes from Christmas
Write in blogs
Watch NCIS-all Day :)

Well I better go and try or I won’t be any good to anybody…:)

couldn't write last night

I was trying to get a lot  done at work and we found out that a very dear colleague passed away unexpectedly while visiting family for the holiday.    The wake as you can read is this afternoon but I am not sure if I am going yet or not.  I would have to go home and freshen up first and check on the pups.  

I had been worried about the car insurance payment and when I got the reminder call from Tom W  I explained I had mailed it earlier in the week.  Then I admitted it was done the day before.  He reassured me that it should be okay.  He also said that I could always drop it off if it ever gets too close to the deadline and they would process it.

When I left here yesterday it was around 3 or so.  I stopped at home base and had dinner with MOm before going to the pups.  I checked emails and sent emails out that needed to be sent from my Outlook.

 I was thrilled to see a card from Aunt Rose Mary and Uncle Pete.  They even had their new address in Austin.  Mom said she received a call from them the day before and they were fine.  That was confirmed in the card they sent.  They talked about spending time with the kids frequently especially their grandchildren.

I took the pups out for their walk and then we got ready for bed.  I had aches last night.

Today I got the daily stuff done.  All that’s left is the pile of re-address mail and the stuff that comes in Monday.  I worked until 3 and then came right to the pups.  I haven’t seen any gifts for me since last night but I haven’t checked upstairs.  

I gave a hefty donation to the lotto pool and that keeps me in it until January 16.  I will need to get money tomorrow or Monday or I am screwed come NYE.  

I probably should get to the laundry as I don’t plan on going out later.  There is another storm coming through tomorrow early and I want to be off the roads tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Busy Morning at the Pups house

It was a busy morning all before leaving for work.  I got the troops out before seven and walked.  Only one of them went outside I am expecting Packy to leave me a package.  I got some more stuff out for the recycle and garbage before they arrived.  The boys got into  growling fight match.

Yes That's right I said growling fight match.  I am really sure the neighbor upstairs was very appreciative of the noise.  OF course Packy had been barking for part of the time too.  Anyway, I made them go to their beds.  Packy had his and of course Preston had the big one.  I know it wasn’t the brightest of moves to get between them but I didn’t touch them I just clapped my hands and told them No.  They knew they did was wrong.  Then I talked with them and they were fine after a while.  They seemed to understand.

I made a couple of stops before getting to work.  The first was to the post office to mail the insurance payment.  I am really going to be biting nails until it gets there.  The other was at DD on the highway rest stop.  I never realized they had a drive through there.

When I got here I signed in with Kathy B and then got started on the mail that was here from Monday.  It was the Post office mail.  I am still working on it as I type this.  Lee P brought me the lockbox sometime mid morning.  I will start that once this is done along with the lobby mail.  Joel B brought it up to me because they are looking for a particular check.

Ethel called me today.  She was in Stratford and needed a ride.  She couldn’t get a cold of Mom or Jim so I tried and by the second time I called home Mom had already gotten her.  Mom reminded me to not go online or phone.  Something must have popped up while she was online.

Annette came in around 2:30 or so.  We briefly caught up and showed her pics of the boys from Olivia’s facebook page.  She spent the time working on her stuff and around that time I started working on the lockbox.  

It was just about that I got a text message from Nancy.  I was going to write her this long text but decided that I would call and tell her.  She giggled when I told her I spoke to them.  We hung up after awhile.

I left the office just a few minutes before 4 and by then it had gotten colder, darker, and according to the radio reports about to snow.  Traffic was terrible and slow.  I called home and told Mom I wouldn’t be stopping by after all.  As I approached Milford and I stopped at the McDonald’s and got dinner it was beginning to snow harder.

When I got home I went inside and the dogs were waiting for me.  I greeted them and then after checking the house and getting the flashlight I took them outside and within a short time later they both did their jobs and we were  back inside and getting our dinner.    Both of them were eyeing my dinner.

They have quieted down now after a game of toss and catch.  An occasional barking session.  The TV is flopping back and forth from the NCIS marathon to Charmed.  The rest of the night will be NCIS marathon.  Of course a quick jaunt out the back yard.

I called Nancy to let her know of one other school related item that came in for Olivia but it wasn’t really what they were looking for.  I also had an opportunity to tell her about the picture that had fallen and broken.

Well its time to kick back and watch TV before hitting the sack....

Not doing very much this morning