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The Sun Came out

The snow stopped and  there is anywhere from 5 inches to 1 Ft of snow on the ground.  The main roads are okay but the side roads need a lot more sun on it and higher temperatures.  I am at the house now.  I am just relaxing but I should be updating files and paying some bills.   I will be going back to the pups in about an hour.

Bingo went well.  They were all afraid I wasn’t coming in because I was fairly later than usual.  We had 14 players and this time we had prize money.  I gave each of the winners 25 cents.  They were happy.

After Bingo I went to the store and picked up the ingredients for the dip.  The store didn’t have Vidalia Onions so I got the next best thing.  Mom wasn’t too disappointed.  She has been writing thank you notes and I am not sure what else.  She might get to the wake.


Pajama Day

Couldn't sleep

couldn't write last night

I was trying to get a lot  done at work and we found out that a very dear colleague passed away unexpectedly while visiting family for the holiday.    The wake as you can read is this afternoon but I am not sure if I am going yet or not.  I would have to go home and freshen up first and check on the pups.  

I had been worried about the car insurance payment and when I got the reminder call from Tom W  I explained I had mailed it earlier in the week.  Then I admitted it was done the day before.  He reassured me that it should be okay.  He also said that I could always drop it off if it ever gets too close to the deadline and they would process it.

When I left here yesterday it was around 3 or so.  I stopped at home base and had dinner with MOm before going to the pups.  I checked emails and sent emails out that needed to be sent from my Outlook.

 I was thrilled to see a card from Aunt Rose Mary and Uncle Pete.  They even had their new address in Austin.  Mom said she receiv…

Busy Morning at the Pups house

It was a busy morning all before leaving for work.  I got the troops out before seven and walked.  Only one of them went outside I am expecting Packy to leave me a package.  I got some more stuff out for the recycle and garbage before they arrived.  The boys got into  growling fight match.

Yes That's right I said growling fight match.  I am really sure the neighbor upstairs was very appreciative of the noise.  OF course Packy had been barking for part of the time too.  Anyway, I made them go to their beds.  Packy had his and of course Preston had the big one.  I know it wasn’t the brightest of moves to get between them but I didn’t touch them I just clapped my hands and told them No.  They knew they did was wrong.  Then I talked with them and they were fine after a while.  They seemed to understand.

I made a couple of stops before getting to work.  The first was to the post office to mail the insurance payment.  I am really going to be biting nails until it gets ther…