almost got sick

At some point during the night I had acid indigestion and I am not sure why.  It could have been the chicken or any of the food I had yesterday including the tea last night.  Mom also got sick over night as well.  This was the first time in weeks that I have heard her get sick.

I got the mail done by the time I left this afternoon.  I worked on the postage/bad address tallies and delivered them.  Now all that is left is the readdress mail.

An incident with the bank this afternoon propelled me to start closing the accounts and moving them to the Credit Union.  I noticed the amounts for the checks I had ordered this week hadn’t shown up in either of my accounts so I called the Customer SErvice department and talked with someone who had an attitude. She told me the information I provided for her was incorrect.  She wanted to know some of the amounts that  I recently wrote out and I told her no that I wanted to know why the amounts for the checks were not listed.  I ended up threatening to report her and take my accounts   (the other part is they charge $10 and change for balances less than $1000.

When I went to the actual branch I spoke with a teller named Marianne who was indeed accommodating and I explained the situation.  She did as I requested and closed out my savings account and in ten days I will close out the checking.  She was trying to get me to stay and I just refused (nicely or politely).  So now I am making arrangements to put the money in the Credit Union.

So while I was walking back from the bank today I was taking stock of my recent outbursts and I am finding I don’t like what I am feeling and my reactionary behavior has got to change.  Why is this happening?  Could it be stress?  

I know at work even though I have been keeping up with the priority stuff there is other stuff that needs to be dealt with.   Those piles are getting way too big for me.  I am tired of being disorganzed.  SEveral tiems things have fallen to the floor and its annoying.  

The same thing here at home.  My desk is so messy I can’t really find anything and every time I put things on top it falls to the floor.  This is really not cool.  I want to be able to be better organized and I know I have to work at it.