As I expected

As I expected I was getting tired before lunch.  I spent the morning working on the mail both the daily and the readdress.  The volume was light so that allowed me to work on the re-address and the postage tallies after lunch.

It’ was quiet in the office today.  I am not sure why probably because everyone was tired.  I was.

Mom is annoyed with me because of the guest room “becoming an extension of your room”.  By the end of the call I told her it will be taken care of.

I met with Debra and we talked about the future.  I told her how I was feeling about the finances and she reminded me that I will find a way to keep the finances under control.

When I got back I had lunch and finished the mail.  The last hour of the shift I was able to deliver some of the campus mail that was piling up on the second desk.  I have more but it is more manageable.

OT went okay.  I was going to get something to drink (and wake me) up but  the machines were not cooperating.  I ended up not getting anything.  I managed to get 17 batches scanned and it came to a total of  423 pages scanned.  I told Annette I would be in some time after two or later depending on how fast we finish the sing-a-long but she suggested I not come in at 3.  I would prefer not to.  I have things to be done (aka the cards).

It was still raining when I left the city.  I don’t think it has stopped yet either.  When I got home Mom was watching the news and hemming a pair of pants/slacks.

We had baked/fried shrimp and rice and vegetables and it wa delicious.   I was hungry and  it filled me up.    I don’t plan on eating for the rest of the night.

AFter dinner I straightened the guest room and it looks like a guest room tomorrow I will attempt to do my room before going off to the sing-a-long.    Then the rest of the stuff that need doing.


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