Back to Work tomorrow

Hey everyone!  I am writing this from home.  Dinner should be ready soon and then its back to the pups and feed them and walk them.  Then I have to get to bed.  I think I have clothes in the dryer to be folded.

Tomorrow its back to work even though its recess.  I probably will work until 2:30 at least for the next several days.  I am looking into taking the train in so I don’t have to pay for parking this week.  I have the morning run pretty much figured out its the afternoon one I am having a slight apprehension about.  It all hinges on the schedule of the shuttles in the city.  
Then again I may just do what Mom suggested and just drive in and not take chances with the shuttles not running.

What I will enjoy is probably relaxing and maybe getting the thank you notes out.  That’s one of my resolutions for the new year.  

Oh Ethel, Diane and Rogier just stopped by before leaving for the city.  They had presents for us and I gave them theirs.  It was great seeing them.  Ethel is spending the night in the city.  For some reason there is no heat in the house.


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